Friday, July 28, 2006

Dance Dance Dance

I love to dance and when I do people flip out and then I flip out more and I nobody expects me to talk while I am dancing. It is so simple it is movements made inspired by music that you are enjoying. It is wonderful to express who you are thru your movements and then people learn more about then they would of having an hour of typical conversation. Dancing personifies being and is something that so many people claim that can't do. I have yet to meet a three year old who can't dance. Stop censoring yourself from expressing yourself especially when you are joyful. Life is a dance that never begins or ends.

I want you to dance wherever and whenever the inspiration strikes. I want you to stop taking things entirely too seriously to the point that you can't seem to enjoy anything. Let it all out and twist and shout and twist and shout and stop whining about a lack of dance skills. It is not a dance off it is about being and feeling aliving and encouraging others to do the same.

Remember all she wants to do is dance dance and that is all I want to do as well.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

It is All Inside

I don't know what I am doing and I have not fully realized who I am and I still get caught up in things that don't matter and sometimes I lose sight of the most important things, but I continue to catch myself doing it and make changes in a more immediate fashion. I am not enlightened merely another human trying to remember his soul. I am immensely happy and though not easily angered or annoyed I have my moments. I try to stay connected to my breath and all the amazing things that exist in the current moment.

I am on quest to be the impossible dream and I am here to play it out all the way. I recently had the pleasure of seeing Amma again and sometimes by seeing such a remarkable individual we are inspired in ways we don't understand and sometimes it is subtle and sometimes it is more dramatic, but either is significant. I know that if I want to see a change in the world it truly needs to start by me going deeper inside of myself on a regular basis and participating in things that bring about a stronger sense of fullfillment. Life is too short not to pursue what exists inside of ourselves. Nobody can offer me utopia unless we find it inside of ourselves. Yet, seeing it reflected in another person makes it easier to find it within.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Desperately seeking something a little more absurd

I need something a little more absurd in my life. Somewhere along the way of in this sea of not trying to be like everyone else, I have boxed myself into this contrived 6’7” free rapping chi gong healing Jew hat everyone thinks is so unique or so original but at this point neither do I find it unique or original.

It’s more just something I do. I feel somehow ordinary, and not that being ordinary bothers me, but I need something more absurd in an eccentric wet dream sort of way.

I want to ride camels through New York City spouting out the philosophies of Dead Kennedys. I want to be in an 80s rock band. I want to suddenly discover that I have pitch. I want to wake up to find out that I really am a lesbian black Eskimo trapped in the real world . I want to fight walruses and fuck tigers. I want to make David Bowie look painfully straight. I want to cut like a ninja fucking his dead mother in Prince’s purple rain. I want to be a King of Spain even if no one will acknowledge me as such. I want to be the princess of Barcelona. I want to succeed from Union Square Park within Union Square Park and create a special park for people’s balls who hang really low and who somehow don’t know that they’re balls hang really low until they walk around at Burning Man and someone says “Hey, you’re balls hang really low.”

I want to develop profound crushes on autistic 40 year old women who work the counter at Whole Foods while I whack off in the magazine section thinking of pixies and fairies and the autistic 40 year old woman who works the counter at Whole Foods. And mermaids.

I want to breathe through my dorsal. WHAT THE HELL IS A DORSAL? (I’ve just been informed it’s a fin). I want to commit sins and still win. I want to kick Tin Tins ass. I don’t so much want to shoot Lassie but piss in his eyes. I want to wrestle the Beaver, take the Partridge Family on a real adventure, and insist that no matter how light my complexion may be that I am really a part of the Jackson Five and that everyone just can’t remember. I want to give head to Hillary Clinton and I want everything I write now to be used against me at a later time. I want my sanity or lack of sanity to be put in question, and I want people to know if insane is really just a better way to go, or if we should even go at all ,or if George Michael was really wrong to wake me up before we go-go.

And I want Wham and the son of Sam to get together and rid the world of Spam. And ham! Because pigs have 30 minute orgasms - don’t you forget it. And if they call you a pig fucker for knowing it, smile and say ‘better to fuck pigs than corpses and mannequins masquerading as people.’

I want to seethe out my pores with an ever ending flow of red carpet shooting out of my orifices asking for someone actually genuinely interesting, interested in a dramatic change of events to walk down that carpet, wearing nothing but their boxes, singing songs about Debbie Gibson. Because only electric youth can jam the circuits and only when we jam the circuits can we have black outs in New York City and only then can class barriers be broken down and only then can I fuck the cute girl in the Upper West Side who smiled at me because I don’t ski and I don’t summer where she does and I don’t wear Burberry unless someone gives it to me.

I want to glorify Gucci and kill Prada.

I want to be the biggest contradiction you ever thought about fucking. Or not fucking. Or hugging, or kissing, or missing or dissing or pissing in the wind and you realize if you piss in the wind that they’re this thing called urine therapy so if you swallow your own piss it’s actually therapeutic.

Think about something. Think about everything. Think about nothing, think about winking, think about blinking, think about Fight Club, think about too many Rubber Duckies in the tub. Think about the hub of your life and who you are in that hub, think about not thinking and just being loved from above.

Seeing, said, match, absurdist mission, be gone.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Cars Computers and televisions are not the only things evoloving

People love to talk about and think about how all these things are evoloving, but very few people discuss how we maybe evolving and what we are headed towards. It is my firm belief (knowing) that as species we are heading towards a point that more and more people will start to become aware of their natural abilites that we still ignorantly call supernatural. In most first world countries this sort of thing is considered nonsense and something to be talked about or discussed, but I know that we are evolving and with that evolution we shall become more aware of that other 90% of our brain that is often ignored.

I believe that we all have telekentic, psychic, healing, channeling abilities. Yes that is right - I believe that all of us are x-men of a sort, accept we usually call these people mystics instead. Our culture does not put an emphasis in going inside and finding these gifts. Many of these gifts will be of some amazing benefit to all of us as we continue to enter into more turbulent times. Our ability to make our mind still is the first key to tapping into these subtle energy fields that exist around us, but it is a process and not a process that will show scientifically acceptable results initally, but I have never been one for science because dismisses that which it can not understand under its current system and constructs. I am interested in the one out of a thousand or one out of a billion that has found these innate abilities inside of themselves. There is more then enough evidence out there that leads me to the conclusion that we are all heading in this direction and soon many of us will be developing our innate abilities.

One of the key components to tapping into these gifts is making the mind quiet and from there the sky is the limit as Biggie would say.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Something Important

Most writers want to say something meaningful or something that defines a generation or something that will help you get paid or laid. I probably write for all these reasons, but I also write because I am slightly egotistical and obcessive compulsive and I feel that I have to write. If I don't get these thoughts out there and some random person living in Denmark, Japan, Italy, Tennesse, Florida, Jersey, or Canda does not know my thoughts on many various subjects then I might just simply fall apart. My whole identity rests on checking my ticker and seeing who is reading my blog and from where they currently reside. I get bonus points if I have never heard of the place or if it is really far away.

I often wander how the hell people find this blog and what goes thru their mind as they are reading this. Has anyone actually gone forward with any of the ideas I put out there into cyber space. I now currently average a bit over 20 people a day who view this blog. This is the equilvalent of teaching some sort of highschool class where the subject matter changes everyday and if the students get bored they will stop reading the material.

Figure out the one important thing that you want to do in your life and pursue that to the fullest without even considering any sort of compromise of your passion. I want all of you to further revolution in your own personal life. We all have immense potential if we just slow down enough and allow ourselves to see it. I write in hopes that I can inspire just a few people to live the life they have always dreamed of and make the world a bit more colorful because we are in desperate need of a laugh. May the joksters become kings and the kings become dragon food and may the queen say "I told you so" (even if she didn't). We need more well publicized gonzo journalists delivering the news because these other guys are just blending together and seem fairly non-descript with the exception of Andy Rooney.

We must write so that people know that someone somewhere has a dissenting opinion that they are willing to share.
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