Sunday, July 02, 2006

Something Important

Most writers want to say something meaningful or something that defines a generation or something that will help you get paid or laid. I probably write for all these reasons, but I also write because I am slightly egotistical and obcessive compulsive and I feel that I have to write. If I don't get these thoughts out there and some random person living in Denmark, Japan, Italy, Tennesse, Florida, Jersey, or Canda does not know my thoughts on many various subjects then I might just simply fall apart. My whole identity rests on checking my ticker and seeing who is reading my blog and from where they currently reside. I get bonus points if I have never heard of the place or if it is really far away.

I often wander how the hell people find this blog and what goes thru their mind as they are reading this. Has anyone actually gone forward with any of the ideas I put out there into cyber space. I now currently average a bit over 20 people a day who view this blog. This is the equilvalent of teaching some sort of highschool class where the subject matter changes everyday and if the students get bored they will stop reading the material.

Figure out the one important thing that you want to do in your life and pursue that to the fullest without even considering any sort of compromise of your passion. I want all of you to further revolution in your own personal life. We all have immense potential if we just slow down enough and allow ourselves to see it. I write in hopes that I can inspire just a few people to live the life they have always dreamed of and make the world a bit more colorful because we are in desperate need of a laugh. May the joksters become kings and the kings become dragon food and may the queen say "I told you so" (even if she didn't). We need more well publicized gonzo journalists delivering the news because these other guys are just blending together and seem fairly non-descript with the exception of Andy Rooney.

We must write so that people know that someone somewhere has a dissenting opinion that they are willing to share.

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