Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Cars Computers and televisions are not the only things evoloving

People love to talk about and think about how all these things are evoloving, but very few people discuss how we maybe evolving and what we are headed towards. It is my firm belief (knowing) that as species we are heading towards a point that more and more people will start to become aware of their natural abilites that we still ignorantly call supernatural. In most first world countries this sort of thing is considered nonsense and something to be talked about or discussed, but I know that we are evolving and with that evolution we shall become more aware of that other 90% of our brain that is often ignored.

I believe that we all have telekentic, psychic, healing, channeling abilities. Yes that is right - I believe that all of us are x-men of a sort, accept we usually call these people mystics instead. Our culture does not put an emphasis in going inside and finding these gifts. Many of these gifts will be of some amazing benefit to all of us as we continue to enter into more turbulent times. Our ability to make our mind still is the first key to tapping into these subtle energy fields that exist around us, but it is a process and not a process that will show scientifically acceptable results initally, but I have never been one for science because dismisses that which it can not understand under its current system and constructs. I am interested in the one out of a thousand or one out of a billion that has found these innate abilities inside of themselves. There is more then enough evidence out there that leads me to the conclusion that we are all heading in this direction and soon many of us will be developing our innate abilities.

One of the key components to tapping into these gifts is making the mind quiet and from there the sky is the limit as Biggie would say.

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