Friday, April 30, 2010

I left my heart in SF so I came back to get it

Ultimately our heart is inside of us and it goes wherever we go, but I still love that song about leaving your heart in San Francisco. I bet a lot of people feel that way about the city or somebody they left behind. Or maybe somebody that was pulled away from them because it wasn't quite the right time. How much time it will be remains unknown, but nomads have a tendency to keep moving until they don't move. I am not against being in one place and having more of a traditional job, even then I will be doing my spiritual work. Yet there is some wandering left to do, but perhaps a home base will form soon enough. I am forever pursing my intuition/inner voice as best as I can, I feel my calling and I must follow it and when I am not in alignment with it I feel a sense of anguish or frustration. One of the great lessons I have had is to continue deepening my acceptance for things that I can not change. I find that there is an unseen hand guiding me and it will initially push me very gently and if I don't abide by it then it will get much firmer in order to push me to be more in alignment with my life's purpose. We are all travelers even when we stay put in one place there is great opportunity to wander through the cosmos as we find a greater depth to our meditation which intensifies and enhances the texture of all that we experience. We remain deeply present for this experience we call life and we are deeply dedicated to the upliftment of ourselves and of those around us. Sometimes it brings us back to places that we have been before to see people that we have seen before as both of us are at a different point of transition. Life is perpetual transition or the bardo as the Tibetans would call it. We have an opportunity to take a leap into a new realm beyond form into the formless. We find ourselves drawn to certain people because they are reflections of us both good and bad and neither good or bad. They are just merely an aspect of divinity/consciousness and our time on the planet gives us an opportunity to purify ourselves and deepen our awareness beyond form and thought. We all must go beyond form and thought. Certain places and people, due to our karma, act as an external force a pressure that turns the coal within us into the diamond that we truly are and have always been, yet our lack of sight has obstructed us from seeing this deeper truth. Seeking truth internally more and more yet most of us need experiences in the world so that we are pushed to be drawn closer to God.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Looking Within To see the Change we Desire to see in The World

Allowing inspiration to come in a way that allows the expression of things, be it in words, music, art, dance or the simplest gesture, is one of the most beautiful things about existence. There are unlimited possibilities, and we are capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for.
Often I think of the concept of revolution. People love to throw the word around and talk about it. The starting point of revolution is beyond thought and beyond action. It starts in the no-thing-ness, as the Guru Yogiraj would say. There is the blank space that I find myself able to enter more and more easily as I continue to prepare my mind thru ever deeper and more consistent meditation.
We are all capable of great inspiration, but it is of great importance that we enter into what some would call the "zen mind" "no Mind" "Christ Consciosness state". It is not so much about our thoughts as it about our consciousness. Consciousness is the breeding ground of thoughts and of true revolution. All of us are looking for a way to make changes, but the greatest change is to not change at all; to return to our truest nature, our truest state, which we have fallen away from because of social conditioning and programming. Quite often our insecurities, fears, and defense mechanisms are passed down to us by our parents and the people we were raised by. It is up to us not to blame others for the programming, but rather to uproot all of the unhealthy emotional thought patterns that we may have ingrained in our psyche.
When the mind is still and when we are in a state of Yoga (meaning communion with a higher source) then we are capable of great insights and realizations. As I go along the journey I seek more and more to be humble throughout the process and greatly thankful for the Mediums, Saints, Gurus, Avatars, Healers, Mystics, etc... that have helped me to awaken to greater truths inside of myself. We must continue to strive to make it back to our true nature which is peace, calm, unconditional love, joy, laughter, beauty, strength. We must face those parts of ourselves that make us uncomfortable.
Our individual progress will reflect in the world's progress. We must change on an individual level before the world can follow suit. Deepening our realization of our true nature allows us to express greater truths with a power behind them that stems from internalizing truth. Truth can not be learned; it must be internalized. I strive everyday more and more to internalize truth.

The simple act of focusing on breathing and simple mantra of your choice that stirs your divine nature can make you a vessel of great healing. May my own selfish desires continue to fade and may all I be left with is unwavering love for the divine and to recognize the divine in others regardless of their own neglect of that truth. May we all serve not as judges but merely as mirrors, here to show others what they, too, are capable of achieving when the true nature is no longer denied, but embraced.

Not Forgiving Yourself isn't helping anyone

So often along the way on the journey we make mistakes and sometimes they are bigger mistakes and they may have consequences but not forgiving ourselves is not helping anyone. It is not helping the person or people that were hurt nor is it helping us. Holding on to past mistakes is not beneficial. Yes being more consciousness and learning from those mistakes can be of great benefit, but don't keep beating yourself up over the past. Otherwise we miss the present moment to make good choices that we can feel proud about. Every choice we makes good or bad leads us to where we are in this moment. We have to realize that this very moment there is an opportunity to do something that we can be proud about and that can benefit others and potentially the people we may have hurt directly or indirectly. The journey towards the infinite is not the easiest, but can be very rewarding... May we all open up to what this moment has to offer and be of service to a complete stranger. The more service I do the lighter I start to feel.
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