Saturday, August 25, 2007

Don't You Forget About Me...

I love mOlly Ringwald I love the breakfast club I want to do a remake of it or do one using the original actors and have it be about their kids in the same situation 20 years later. I am never ceases to be amazed about how excited people get about my height and how many people talk to me in a given day and say "So does anyone talk to you?" I recently ran into a girl that I had met in Goa India and she was in shock that I was there and even more shocked that I made it back. SHe asked me how I made it back. I should have told her that I am really good swimmer or that the Little Prince taught me how to use the birds to fly. I am leaving for Burning Man and I am planning a midwest tour involving Indiana and Chicago and I will go to see the Dala Llama.

I love Llama's, but not as much as I love camels. I am going to the desert. I love NYC but I feel that getting out of town for 2 weeks is just what the doctor ordered. Hawaii is calling and I am going to put some roots down there in the near future. I miss everyone everywhere and I am sure that I will see a few of you soon at Burning Man.

Monday, August 20, 2007

A funny Society

More and more frequently I find myself viewing western society as an outsider. Recently for any football fans Michael Vick a professional quarterback in the NFL has been facing charges involving dog fighting and though I don't approve of his actions I think it humorous that such a meat eating society loves their dogs and cats but will kill their Cows, pigs, deer, chicken, minks, rabbits, and horses but somehow dog fighting is inhumane, but people still kill animals merely for their fur. Henry Kissinger has still never been charged for war crimes at any point. In fact he still has a great deal of involvement in foreign policy, but Michael Vick is the worse villian of all time. He is being made an example of because we love our pets and hate most other animals. In the west if you are a dog or cat you are very lucky, but if you are anything else such as a cow you should have chose to be born in India.

I have been remembering the feelings of being a stranger in a strange land while I was traveling thru India. I remember how valuable every human interaction seemed and how emoptional my connections instantly became. Some people go to India to continue their escape while others go to open parts of themselves that have been closed off for so long. I am traveler even when I am staying in city for extended period of time. I will always be a nomad and everyone in a greater sense is a nomad of sorts no matter how much they pretend otherwise. All of this world is fleeting and though we understand this we still get caught up in things that mean nothing because we imitate the other people around us. Hey I love you and I am merely telling you because not telling you is much more unacceptable. I don't always allow myself to express love because I would rather play it cool. Playing it cool never made me happy it usually just made me insincere or nervous.

Friday, August 10, 2007

I'll never be anything other then what I am

Pretty simple statement. Elton John's gift is his song and my gift is my healing and it is also quite simple. I have been on a wild roller coaster and part of that is my karma and part of that is my addiction to having the pot stirred and some of it is because I still don't want to let go because I am want to hold onto things that are not true. I want to hold on to things that are comfortable even if they hold me back. Eventually they will not longer serve me and they never served me but I felt that I needed them.

I have a flurry of thoughts going on these days but the biggest is the massive change the world is going thru. I sometimes wonder how the heck reads this blog according to my the ticker you the reader are truly spread all over the world. We all keep evolving, but still we care more about what people think then we actually care about people. I hope to see that change in this lifetime. Our identities are so fragile because they are based on something that never existed. We all need a rebirth someone to come along and challenge everything that we have based our lives on. They do in a way that is both intense and gentle. We all surrender to something beyond what we understand when we are ready to take that leap. Some of us get pushed into that leap. I think someone or everyone helped to push me when I was looking but I was always blind man wandering around with large signs.

Can you read the sign and does it even matter. Can you feel that peace that brings down the walls. Write all over the walls. All over the walls all over the walls. Feel that earthquake in San Fran and know that we will all be okay. The new day is here now can you see it or are you still living in yesterday.

Rfight Around the corner

As soon as you turn that corner anywhere in the world you never know whose world your going to collide with and how someone that you thought was out of the picture is coming back whether you are ready for it or not. John of God comes to upstate New York on October 1st and will be there for at least 4 days. This man will manifesting miracles of a intense physical magnitude. I am finding that this moment of now with rain outside as I sit in my buddy Jay's apartment in Brooklyn is the only moment that I can be present in right now. We are finding a deeper bliss and the ego slowly slips away because it never really existed and therefore can't ever have a hold on me. We are at at point and perhaps we have always been at a point. Every time period serves some sort of purpose.

Let the rain come and perhaps San Fran and Portland are paging and the flow always knows which way to go. If we could all stop and kiss and embrace a tree all of us would be free. We can all be once we set our minds free. I truly love Amma that beautiful hugging saint how she paints new colors onto your eyes of perception.

I know of politics but I know more of people and all of us are watching a world that can not continue to sustain itself if it keeps going in its current direction. Smile at someone today and do something that will just floor someone whether it be someone you love or a perfect stranger. Keep giving and the planet will keep living in a way that keep us all in a habitat that is communion with its natural environment, I just want to keep remembering that love inside of me and never be distracted from the greatest spiritual gift which is the inward knowing of love. There has to be a word such as hogkeytha which somehow says all that I could ever want to say even though i just want to feel the deepest silence in my being.

And then the Floods Came....

So I totally had an apartment with a bunch of people and we were going to do amazing things and then the rains came and then even a tornado came and Dorothy and Toto were no where to be found and sewage seeped in and the roommates decided we should all abandon loft. After 6 years of being a Nomad I signed a lease only to have it end just as it started. Perhaps Portland or San Fran are calling me or maybe I'll go back to the midwest and bring back the Naked Mile to Ann Arbor. Maybe I'll just live in a veggie oil bus with a whole bunch of people.

I have a week in which I have been having all sorts of connections back to Ann Arbor and even running into a guy named Ken who I met at internet cafe in Goa for about 15 minutes. One of my good buddies sold himself on ebay for almost $1000 which makes me think this might be a great way to raise money for the campaign. I will sell myself as a public servant to the American people to the highest bidder.

It will all be on the up and up and the money will go towards a fleet of vegetable oil buses and in which intriguing and humorous Americans will board so that we can rediscover our country. Consider it similar to the Lewis and Clark expedition even though I am sort of banned from their campus. Much love to the Jersey shore and anyone anywhere who is being true to their hearts desires. Being untrue to yourself will hurt so much more in the long run. Don't ever forget that. I love you all and see the writing on my sleeves.
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