Saturday, August 25, 2007

Don't You Forget About Me...

I love mOlly Ringwald I love the breakfast club I want to do a remake of it or do one using the original actors and have it be about their kids in the same situation 20 years later. I am never ceases to be amazed about how excited people get about my height and how many people talk to me in a given day and say "So does anyone talk to you?" I recently ran into a girl that I had met in Goa India and she was in shock that I was there and even more shocked that I made it back. SHe asked me how I made it back. I should have told her that I am really good swimmer or that the Little Prince taught me how to use the birds to fly. I am leaving for Burning Man and I am planning a midwest tour involving Indiana and Chicago and I will go to see the Dala Llama.

I love Llama's, but not as much as I love camels. I am going to the desert. I love NYC but I feel that getting out of town for 2 weeks is just what the doctor ordered. Hawaii is calling and I am going to put some roots down there in the near future. I miss everyone everywhere and I am sure that I will see a few of you soon at Burning Man.

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Lisa PN said...

you are inspiring.
when i was young, someone once told me that i looked like molly ringwald. I almost died..there i was thinking i was ick, and someone told me that i looked like my idol...what a gift to me that was.

if you ever make it to Toronto, say hello and i will introduce you to Lindy, a 6'7 Icelandic Angel Music Maker...the two of you might be long lost brothers..really...don't doubt it.

be well, and enjoy the world. it is truly magical isn't it?

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