Thursday, September 06, 2007

Straight Out of Black Rock City

I am back in San Fran and ready to keep moving forward in regards to all the things that I am up to these days. Life is amazing in the way that we are all lead to where we need to be at any given time if we just allow ourselves to trust our intution. I had one of my best burning man expeirecnes and I look forward to my 5th Burning Man next year. I really want many of friends to come to the event next year. It is starting to get biggger on the east coast, but still predominantly a west coast event. They called it the "Green Man" which was quite ironic, but some improvements were made so that the impact would be slightly lessened. But as Burning Man gets bigger people seem to get overwhelmed and not feel as connected to each other the way they had in years past.

I am going to a spiritual retreat at some point in October probably down in Austin, Texas and allow myself to find a deeper and slower breath that brings me more fully into the ever present NOw. This moment is the only moment that you have so allow yourself to experience it fully and don't try to run from it. I met an amazing girl at Burning Man who I will be hanging out with before I leave town. Burning Man allows me to meet so many different people that I know from numerous places. There are always going to be challenges, but all of these things eventually come to pass. I recently read that we are almost never upset for the reasons that we think.

I am dancing with myself walking around as a stranger in strangeland even though it all seems so familiar, but with a different texture to it. We have an ability to impact each other in positive and negative ways, but we have to make those choices. I am making a choice to be free and understand that the mind always wants to remain distracted and I just have to bring my focus back to the present moment. I have made mistakes, but I am blessed to have learned from most of them. But the greatest mistake I can make is allowing myself to forget my time/space/location.

I could become a celebrity over night, but that would solve nothing in regards to my greater spiritual quest. There is a quote about how the only thing worse then not having your dreams come true is having all your dreams come true. This basically is stating that you become aware that once you have achieved all of your goals you will not necessairly be at peace with yourself. I must make peace with myself I must not allow my mind to dictate my life. I want to come from my heart more often and be truthful with myself and others. I want to live the oneness and not merely speak esoterically about oneness.

Many times our greatest accomplishments are the things that the mind so quickly overlooks. So easy to criticize, but much harder to offer sincere compliments. May I be a person that helps people to realize their dreams and even more importantly help them to let go of their suffering.


Ganesha said...

Wholeness is like a flower with four petal. When it opens one discovers strengh, sharing, honesty and kindness. Together these four petals create balance, harmony and Beauty
-Mairi Battiste

I feel your wholeness. Thanks for reflecting wisdom. Mirrors are getting more and more cloudy these days. We should remember that the clarity of our image in the lake depends on the calm of its surface. Ahh fuck it, we should jump in anyway.

We miss and love you,
Ganesha, Rishi and Wah

Anonymous said...

you're chosen pace is effective...

please keep it up

Eric ~

sonny said...

Hey Te' its been a while bro!

I've been to Rishikesh, near Kedarnath, Haridwar, Vrindavan and now Lucknow since we last spoke.

Spent time living like a Sadhu with Shiva Babas in the Himalayas, lived in a secluded mountain forest ashram with an 80 year old Sage Naga Baba with dreadlocks down to the ground and am now with my family(anthropologists in Lucknow)

I am really not into Religion at all anymore after seeing all this but am starting to respect and understand the Truth of Jesus Christ more intensely even though there is a lot of knowledge and interesting esoteric practices in Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism they just don't seem to be absolute.

Anyway what I am really into now is just pure meditation without any techniques I learned from this website I am going to study with the master who teaches this meditation that is more like a science than anything because it requires no belief but only practice to open third eye and soul travel anywhere on the planet including outer Space!

I was thinking about you because money is running out and I just don't know how you do it. How do you travel everywhere you do, and eat and the like. My faith is weak in spirit and you are the only one I know that is American that lives like this. I found myself thinking about coming back to the states and working but I really still just want to be able to live like you who I think is living kindof like an American Sadhu of some sorts.

Go to and search spiritual reality please watch this 1 hour long video I really think you will appreciate this immensely my friend. It is real meditation without religion, myth and magic that so much Real Hindu yoga is filled with. It is even beyond pranayama because pranayama means control of the breath.

Peace my friend....looking forward to hear from you soon.

Anonymous said...

THink about one think that you enjoy doing and do that to pay for your oosts. All you need is food and a place to crash. My funds come from healing/frestyle rapping and random things here and there. love always,

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