Monday, September 10, 2007

They Never Saw It Coming But You Always Knew

It here comes straight down the plate the pitch you've been waiting the one that you can hit out of the park. The one that you have prepared for you entire life. So we are finding that deep silence in the mind and in that we are finding that we have always been that which we seek. I am here and there is no place that I will ever go to other then the deepest peace in my mind that will ever give me the peace I desire. Most of the happiness I experience though wonderful is so fleeting and I find that there is something that I am starting to realize more and I am going back to the days of NYC and the old south with quite a bit of the west coast and an overseas vibe. I don't want to promise anything other then a willingness to be the one that is not willing to settle for that which is comfortable. You are the truth when you find yourself letting go all that which makes you suffer. As we release our attachment to our desires we will not feel that we have been thwarted and therefore do not become angry if things don't work out the way we had hoped.

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