Monday, September 10, 2007

Give me A Fairy Tale

There was a boy and he was a believer and they taunted and mocked the believer though secretly they wished they could be that naive. But was the boy really that naive or were they merely basing the idea of truth on all the pain that they had experienced in the world. They let go of hope and settled into conformity and they loved him and hated this boy because he couldn't seem to conform. Even when he did certain things that were expected of him he still always fell short of giving them that comfort they felt around most people who never questioned what was going on around them. He was born to question and this boy stayed a boy and when other people got older he seemed to stay the same age. Time was passing everyone else by, but he stayed timeless because he found his way out of time. Then the system that everyone else had come to count on fell apart and they turned to this boy and he was nowhere to be found, but all of the people he helped to wake up lead the way towards a new world that was more in balance. People remembered to breath deep once again and with that breath all was transformed. That boy/girl exists inside all of us we must merely let him out to play.

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