Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New York Magazine Makes You Legit

Maybe you know the song your nobody til somebody loves you. Obviously your nobody until New York Magazine has a big picture of you in their spread. People want to know that some magazine has written about you and then you are obviously legit. I'll take the free press and allow it to open more doors for me. It is just the beginning. We have people working on Te"DeVan and Smiley for 2008 around the clock and around the world. All the pieces are in place and we are making a brave charge uphill. No we don't think we will get elected. Getting elected is for chumps. We want to make some changes we want the Bill of Rights to mean something. And if New York Magazine can help me in that quest so be it. The candidate to watch in this election is the American people. And I have met quite a few American people and they are ready to make some changes. Lets be the change lets be the change. It all started in LBI when my soon to be Vice PResident said "Hey you want to start a revolution?" My response was "Hell to the Yeah". It was a protest about the unfair cop treatment towards young people. This continues to this day and I want to lower the voting age to 16. LEts get young people involved early on so that it becomes a habit for them. Ideally I want 12 year olds to vote but that will take some time, but now lets recognize young people as voting citizens. We are the ones fucking it up for them they should have a say in the direction of this country. They live here and pay taxes. No taxation without representation for the youth and prisoners of this nation.

The candidate who can't win but you can't stop watching. We will be on your televison set this campaign season. Roll Tide Roll

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