Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lets Shake it Up Starting Now

Let the dance to the Whitehouse start to heat up. We are ready to take back the whitehouse and take back our government and make it one that serves the people. How about instead of killing and bombing people in the middle east we offer billions of dollars in scholarships so that more young people can go to school without racking up debt. Everyone claims education is important but they are lying thru their teeth. Winning the election is important and most voters are scared of the boogie man. Convince them that you will protect them from the boogie man and you will have their vote. Of course our foreign policy over the last hundred years has created man boogie men. Bombing people does not make you friends I learned at least this much in elementary school. We are also putting much of our country behind bars because it makes certain people alot of money. 2.1 million our in prison where they hell are they being hidden. Most of them are not a threat to society. The prison population has gotten up 700% in less then 30 years. Not surprisingly privitizing of prison has increased greatly. The war on drugs is a farce and it hurting our society. Why don't we start arresting people for having eating disorders I am sure that would help the problem immensely. The war on drugs is a drain on our economy and resources. Lets end it now and put the money towards education, children, and cleaning up our environment. I am not politician I am just someone who sees a need and knows alot of people and I am ready to help make these changes happen.

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