Friday, September 07, 2007

TThey Build You Up to Tear You Down

I hear one story about how amazing someone is only to see the press ride them for being on steroids or some sort of growth Hormone. I just don't want to hear it anymore about whose doping and who isn't. We are country that is obcessed with our drugs. We have a new pill for any situation. Having a problem losing weight, staying up late, going to sleep, not happy anymore, addicted to pain killers, etc.... We have a pill for you. Life in America for so many people is about some pill that will make all the problems go away or at least numb them. Why is that I never read an article about road scholar who was cuaght using ritalin or some other speed type drug so that he could study longer. Our sports must be pure, but other then plagrisim the same does not hold true for the academic world. We are society obcessed with winning at any cost. The costs are very high and our winners are some of the biggest losers in the end.

I am in San Francisco and my heart resides here more and more. I really love this place, but I will soon be back in NYC. I will be walking around following my bliss and listening to my intution. I send everyone my fondest wishes wherver you maybe found. I am just a man on a journey realizing that "This too will pass". All things pass and all things eventually end so that a new beginning can be found. We all hae to become our own light so that we can be the same for others. I am lover of the stillness and that stillness is where my anwsers will be found. I will always be judged and praised, but neither is something to base your life around. They are both so fleeting. It is this thing called Love that everyone talks about and most people feel for brief moments. When the light is strong enough the darkness can not exist....

You and I are mirrors for one another and I am here to hold that space. And I will hold that space a space where miracles happen. It wasn't me who did it I just happened to be present when it happened. When it happened they all forgot about all the things that seemed so important and became aware of the only thing that means anything when it is all said and done. Most people around you suffer in ways that you don't want to imagine and to help ease that pain by helping them realize their true self is to be of the greatest service to humanity. Be the change you want to see in the world and get involved. Don't just sit on the sidelines.

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