Saturday, September 15, 2007

Bleeding On myself and my health

Inside of exists the cure, but we look away for another way. Bleeding out the cure for the disease like some sort of x-man similar to wolverine. Maybe I can donate my body to science. I am altering my molecular structure thru the stillness of my mind. I am a lover of this life and finding a strength in realizing the power of my breath to manifest a world that has deeper and more profound peace the knocks the statues of rampant consumers back into the present moment. We belong to the oceans, lakes, forests, deserts, and mountains. We are one with our surrounding and for some reason we are trying to conquer. But we must dig ourselves out from the mind clutter so that we are no longer merely machines. Sense the imbalance and then we can correct in ourselves and the mind gap grows larger and we begin to march forward. We are moving thru the water with such grace and we are all part of the same face.


ouslypt said...
Are you !#$$$$$! serious? Goood luck T, love the handshake.

sonny said...

very nice...hey check out this site. it is pretty far out but i think it contains some elements of truth. anyway makes me think about our times in the world and what could happen.

(2007 - 2012 AD)

check this part out above...

I spent a week a varanasi watching bodies burn on the ghats of the ganga reminding me that death is inevitable and could happen at anytime. It was a good meditation and the city of Varanasi is just otherworldly.

Soon going to meditation master to try and learn something.

how are you Te'devan, and the campaign? What is going on in America? Like from your perspective what is happening with our people? are they waking up?

how is your spiritual path? are you meditating? do you believe the Lord Jesus Christ is going to return? do you believe in John and Revelation?

This life is a journey. A quest. It is nice you keep your message on the net and create connections.

stay on the straight path bro and continue being a light to all!!!

God bless you.

sonny said...

Stayed up all night last night meditating on the Gospel of John and Revelation!!! You have to read these 2 books in Order. They were both recorded by the same John(not john the baptist) who was the beloved disciple of Jesus. So enlightening! If you can read them in order in 1 sitting during the late night or very early morning in quiet meditation and prayer!!!
God truly reveals to those who seek, opens to those who knock and gives to those who ask!!!

email me if you get a chance to share with me about your life and mission and answer the questions I asked you. it would be better than me filling your blog and than you likewise having to fill your blog with all the more. Just a humble request from your friend of whom has a great respect for your radical life!

your life is amazing!

Anonymous said...

hi slacker prophet - u prob dont remember me but a few months ago we kept bumping into each other in union sq - i was with my friend - you snubbed us- anyway i havent seen u in a while - mainly bc im not in union sq alot anymore- but i hope all is well with you - i could really use some spiritual guidance so i hope to run into u soon - peace and love - oh by the way happy yom kippur

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