Thursday, February 28, 2008

PEople Don't Always say what they mean Read Between the Lines

1) I think we should talk (I am going to talk and your going to listen)_
2) You are so refreshing ( I don't know many interesting people and I am surrounded by many drab people at work that carbon copies of one another)
3) I like really tall men (One day I will want to reproduce and I want my children to be tall because then they are more likely according to statistics to become CEO's and make more money)
4) I am exotic Dancer (I gyrate in people's laps and tease them as if I would have sex with them, but I most likely won't)
5) I live with my mother (I have no idea how to function in a world where I am responsible for cleaning,cookinng,etc... and now all my earnings can be spent on collecting comic books and video games and strippers who won't sleep with me)
6) You have freedom of speech (If you have enough money for permits and are willing to jump through hoops like a trained dog then for a brief period of time we will allow you speak freely in public otherwise we will charge you with disorderly conduct,diturbing the peace and any number of city ordiances that we can enforce at will)
7) No Loiterring (As long as you are dressed nicely then you are welcome to hang out as long as you want just don't look homeless or poor.
8) I am fine ( I am oompletely and totally miserable or maybe I am just numb to most things and I don't want to talk about any of that I don't think you would want to listen anyway. So make life eaiser for both of us I won't open up Pandora's box.

Can You Feel the Momentum

Things are building inside of you to the point that you know something is going to happen in your external world, but the focus needs to continue on being inwardly driven and being able to have a greater awareness of your actions and your words. If you merely become more aware of your breathing you can start to hit the off button in your mind and find that inner stillness. All of us can contribute to more peace on the planet as we find that inside of ourselves and this has a momentum that will help us to bring about external changes. There is great power in non-violent protest, but it is more then just are actions it is having a clear mind as well.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bare Your Soul Or Your Just A Machine

More in more I make love to women through the eyes. I am more interesting in just starring into the eyes for long periods of time and just losing any sense of myself. It gives me such an incredible high such a feeling of relief to melt away my mind and open stir dormant feelings into awakening and at other moments I just feel a deep peace. It is a passion where I don't feel any need to move or talk or to even kiss the girl. Merely to be in her presence and take in her being through the window to the soul. I find myself having almost no desire to make idle chit chat with people I just want that intnese silence that can only be experienced in the eyes. I fall in love with a womans's eyes first which is her true timeless being. I met a girl recently at Herbivore and then we went to Ritual and we just stared at each other for hours. We both cryed and at one point she broke out into hysterical laughter. At another point she asked me my name again. I felt that it didn't matter and that she was merely asking me to avoid the silence, but the truest exchange took place in that silence. Her art work on her body was intriguing but none of it compared to the artwork in her eyes. That is where I felt grace and rapture and all sorts of things that make us part of God. Nothing else mattered to me and if I never see her again both of us bared our souls to each other as we were guided towards each other by a whole series of choices that we had made. For that moment I have incredible gratitude. If we are given 4 hours we want 4 days and then 4 weeks. May we instead be thankful for the moment we had and create the space for the next one to come whenever God decides that it is time for the next moment.

Bring on the Book Deal

Every now and then someone tells me that I should write a book and I thank them for the compliment and think that would be interesting. I wonder how would want to edit all of my writing over the last couple of years. Then I wonder who actually has time to do that and if anyone could do a good job. I realize that I just kind of do certain things because in a given moment I feel a motivation and I move on that feeling. I have traveled to so many different places and had countless rather humorous, tragic, odd, and non-classifiable moments and that it should be in a book of some sorts. So if you are an editor, publisher, book agent, etc.... feel free to contact me at your nearest convience. My number is 973-202-7176. Also if it is after 9 pm on the west coast or anytime on the weekend feel free to call me and ask me anything that has crossed your mind that might help you on your own journey. Ah the internet anything is oddly possible and we can connect with all sorts of people who we have never or hardly met in person.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The absurdity of Running For President in A Free Nation

Anybody truly can run for president usually most of these people choose to run either as Republicans or democrats and running as an independent assures historically they you will not win, but there is also a possibility that you can make a difference. You are free to say anything that you want because you don't have the burden of having to win. When people invest hundreds of millions in your campaign they usually kind of expect something. Quite often this means issues such as failing war on drugs, Juvenile detention centers serving as revolving doors for prisons, massive college debt to become educated, Over use of pharmacies, pollutions that are allowed to be put into our water and food, and many other issues are either ignored or quickly glimpsed over. Every since I was young I was told that we live in a free country yet if you don't want to work a job and rent a house you would be a vagrant and in many places they will throw you in jail. If you don't believe it trying be homeless on the Vegas strip. I find that we are born into this world and told that property is either private or public but either cases we charge people with trespassing. Our system has numerous mentally ill people who are not given adequate treatment and find themselves in jail because they are sleeping on a park bench. Before the summer Olympics in Atlanta they rounded many homeless people and relocated them to places where tourists would not see him. We handle our homeless problem by trying to hide in the same way that a little kid puts is whole mess in the closet or underneath the bed. Yet we seem to have enough money to go to war in Iraq for a humanitarian mission. Why is that humanitarian missions and oil are so closely connected. America we will help you if you have oil to help us. We did not seem to have a desire to rush into Darfur and help the people there. I want to create an atmosphere where politicians are held accountable. People will yell at me sometimes to get a job yet there are many jobs that don't benefit anyone and they make tons of money and in many cases their jobs lead to deaths of many people. We were so insistent that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction was it because we had the receipts. We do horrendous things in the name of capitalism not democracy and we play ignorant. If you look at history we have fabricated incidents so that we can use it as an excuse to go to war. To this day we have many US corporations who pollute the environment at home and especially abroad. They are not held accountable. Our whole system needs an overhaul and for that to happen we need more involvement and at least a 3 party system if not more. The balance of power lays within the Republicans and Democrats both of whom look out for their party beyond the benefit of struggling Americans.

WHo really Needs A title

The biggest thing that I have been focusing on recently is breaking habits allowing myself to go about things in a new way and with a new perspective. I was watching a chi-gong master on PBS documentary series and he was saying that being open to new types of growth and to always be changing and innovating. Once we get comfortable with something there is a resistance from the mind to go about things in a different way. I am striving more then ever to remain present and to keep tinkering with everything in my life especially my healing so I can go beyond what I have previously done. Not all habits we have are clearly destructive some seem harmless enough such as eating when feeling bored or anxious. Yet, instead of doing that we could be doing numerous other things that we allow us to grow beyond our present situation. We must continue to allow ourselves to be open to this present moment and experience it fully without trying to escape our feelings in this moment. More frequently then ever I find that when I make my mind quiet and blankly stare into someone's eyes a great sequence of different emotions will come forward. In presence is greatness, but that comes as we allow ourselves to take new steps towards expanding our understaanding.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Places I Remember Such As Chicago

I maybe in San Francisco, but Chicago keeps coming up for me. I can't seem to walk out the door without meeting someone from Chicago who recently moved here or is visiting from the other windy city from the midwest. I know that I will roll through there at same point as I can feel other places nipping at my heels. I am allowing my past and my belongings to disappear from where they came from. On March 3rd I head to Miami and from there I don't have much of a clue where things will lead me. Yet, Chicago in this case is a place but a metaphor for all those people and places that we can feel from time to time tugging on us for a point in the future. I am Here in this place called San Francisco, but the place means nothing if our state of mind is not in a clearer place. We all keep striving and we will all make it to where we need to be at the appropiate time, yet first the stage needs to be set and for the time being we need to merely enjoy our current moment and embrace all the wonder that exists in front of us and perecieve life as a new born.

More People In Your Corner Then You Could Imagine

Recently I have been listening to this song by Mista called "blackberry Molasses". It really captures a feeling that we all have and how important it is to keep pushing towards finding that inner peace because that will make all the problems of the world not seem so significant. Perhaps this is why people find themselves addicted to drugs. Many of them are quite sensitive people and they become overwhelmed and can't seem to figure out how to turn off the mind and plunge back into their soul so that they can recharge. All of the things around us fall apart, but the love that we experienced only grows stronger as long as we remember to feed it and nuture it. We don't have to say so much, but just be silent and embrace that inner reflection and appreciate a tree that we walk by and the air we breathe and our ability to know and meet the people that we have met. As I write this whoever you are wherever you maybe you have an opportunity to let the past go and embrace this moment so that you soar to a new height. We forget and through my meditation I begin to remember and eventually I will never forget. Thank you for all the people who allow themselves to change in ways that better allow you to hold a space of love for others.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Finding That Inner Intimacy

Recently it has occurred to me that what I am seeking and what the entire world is either seeking or running from intimacy. I find myself seeking this more and more inside of myself realizing that nobody give me this experience it is something that I must find in my inner being. They can hold a space for it to take place in the same way that I can hold a space for intimacy. Intimacy is touching that deeper part of self that makes everything going on around us not capable of effecting is in one way or another. I feel that we are all equipped to be in intense blissful states most of us merely can't seem to activate that aspect of ourselves because we are always losing sight of our true selves seeking to find something in a world full of things. Yet the greatest thing is "no-thing" at all and something we are born with and that we have the ability to activate whenever we decide to commit ourselves to that pursuit. Through simple processes of deep breathing we can find that we start to become more present of this moment no longer living in the delusion that something else outside of ourselves will make us complete. Some of us find ourselves knowing this truth yet our actions are still working towards lining up with this inward knowing.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Our Civil War Starts Inside Of Us

We are internally conflicted and it spreads like a disease that brings up war and anguish all over the world. We put out certain vibes and brain waves and that manifests in our surroundings. Most people rarely have a few peaceful moments and we focus on changing things that we can't and ignore the things that we can change. They shot Kennedy, King, Ghandi, Malcom X, and loads of others. It is pattern that needs to change inside of us and if enough of us change internally and external change will soon follow. I believe in prayer and I believe in meditation and I believe that most people don't pursue this path with half as much passion as we pursue our addictions. We have to want change inside of ourselves and to free ourselves from our own internal war. We have many changes and it will erupt in ways both beautiful and horrorific. We get closer to peace when we decide that we want to be vehicles of creating and expressing art because that is what we love to do not because we think that we have to.. We just stop slow down and kiss a tree because we all need to feel a kiss sometimes.

I keep heaidng towards somehting that iS Behind and Beyond me

I enkoy mispeliing things because we have rules for everything yet words are such imperfect thing=s and hence my spelling should somehoe relftect that to some degreee, but as long as you can feel the sentiment and your heart opens to a new possoibility and you feed that part of you that is too often overlooked, Feel that peace and the praise that comes form somehthing beyond any approval from your peers or your hero. I bow because IO give thanks that I can inspire anyone to extend themselves or search within themselves in the splendidness of silence. I am holding a space for the magic of Jazz to come back the magic of rock and roll created to heal and to fuse things together to not speak on of oneness but rather to feel oneness in its enterinty. Norah Jones tell me why you didn't call and maybe by that point I realize that it never even mattered even if my heart ailed on the sand. You invite me and push me out at the same time. Some part of you remains emotional unavailable and yet that was my upbringing. You have something that I have within my core and now is the time to express that core.

You thought the Story Was written But There is An Overlooked ei=dt

We sometimes totally are completely convinced that things are going to turn out a certain way because it is the only thing that seems to make sense to us at that point in time. Things enter and exit and they also wait around in holding patterns until the stage is set. There is a bigger stage seen by more and a smaller stage seen by few. We all have roles and sometimes we know this and other times we somewhat haphazardly stumble into something and they had been waiting for our arrival and perhaps we were waiting for their arrival as well. Maybe we were too blind to understand how important they were and took the little things they did for granted. We focused on all the things that didn't matter like it was some sort of life or death while the soul suffocated because we refused to properly acknowledge and feed it with music, art, writing, healing, dancing and the silence that it craves. We imitated what we saw even if it was disfunctional and painful. If I have eased anyones burden then I am blessed a thousand times. I will be called crazy by some and caculating by others, but that never really matters. The showing and giving of love is the most important thing I could do and the rest I leave to you.

Surreal is the way to Heal

We are artists in the way we live our lives but everyone is an artist some choose to express it more fluidly then others. People so often take things at face value and truly miss there real worth. There is an intention of love that overflows into all things and it has power to lead us towards a greater understanding with clouds of blue grey mist floating around. Floods of purple, blue and green and the the deepest void of nothingness. Andy Dufrane was a bird whose feathers were to bright to be caged by any system. At some point we explode out of our shell and just the piercing light of being is left and everything else falls away. We are in a time of grandiose change and America is ready to make that change. We are the beloved Guru's children. We are holding that torch so that we can make our way to the other side. We have moments where nothing seems to be transpiring but we can surrender to the infinite then we experience a release of emotion and tension. Not everything should or can make sense to a limited rational mind. Most things go beyond the rainbow with no beginning or end clearly seen. There is a return to worlds that have been forgotten and so they are quickly remember raindrops on the sand being swept into the ocean beneath my feet. Give me a treehouse with plenty of space for a large family and mango trees. Call me a realist that sees infinite possibility and is ready to hold a space to inspire the masses that are undaunted by what has come before us because not is a time to make a clean break from the past and things that have not been working.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

I believe 4.13= 3.14 better Known as Pie

I believe the designated hitter is a good thing. I believe that the rising fastball was meant to defy physics. I believe that baseball was once holy. I believe that cooperstown in some sort of Mecca, Jersulaem, Tibet, where baseball was once America's past time. I believe that it is never too late to make the majors. I believe that rain dances do actually work. I believe that money does not buy championships. Maybe it buys wins but not the biggest games.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Our Campaign CUrrently Has A Market Value of $31

The sale of the presidential campagin is not yet over, but I don't think that matters. I am sure some sort of point is being made by this sale on Ebay. We have been underdogs too long. All we need is just the smallest light of day and we will shine some light on a whole bunch of issues that are skimmed over because these are other candidates are trying to win instead of serving the American people. I don't give a Kuala bear's ass about winning really we have come here to shake things up to bring break dancing into a ball room dancing competition. Bring it on and my dance moves are ready to take on these candidates. Now is the time and San Francisco is the place and we are the human race tired of being sold up the river. The top 1/10 of 1% percent make more then the bottom 150 million in this country. The gap has not been this big since the Great Depression. Lets make this campaign count for something. Are you some sort of long shot yourself? Have you ever been counted out before the fight began? Then more then likely you are an American citizen who is being robbed blind while busting your ass to pay the rent. We are the change that America has been dreaming about. We will say the things that other candidates fantasize about but don't feel it to be prudent. There is a whole in the titanic and people are still trying to dance around it. I want to thank anyone who told at least one person about this campaign whether living or dead. We can get dead people to vote for us I am sure they would support us if they could. You might think I am a bit crazy, but I might just be the lunatic your looking for. And if it comes down to it I will cut my hair and wear a suit, but it is a last resort I say or maybe first resort. It all seems like one and the same.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

White House For Sale!!! The Ebay bidding May Begin

I am selling the Presidential Campaign on Ebay "If Big Tobacco and oil companies can buy an election why not the American taxpayer. Ebay maybe the savior of our democracy"
Presidential Campaign For Sale - eBay (item 320214471620 end time Feb-12-08 15:28:50 PST)
eBay: Find Presidential Campaign For Sale in the Everything Else , Weird Stuff , Totally Bizarre category on eBay.

Presidential Campaign For Sale - eBay (item 320214471620 end time Feb-12-08 15:28:50 PST)
eBay: Find Presidential Campaign For Sale in the Everything Else , Weird Stuff , Totally Bizarre category on eBay.

May this circulate into the hands of those who this is intended for and may it actually impact the American government and international politics God willing. One small shot of light in the dark can go a very long ways. Let the buzz and bidding begin.
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