Sunday, February 10, 2008

Our Civil War Starts Inside Of Us

We are internally conflicted and it spreads like a disease that brings up war and anguish all over the world. We put out certain vibes and brain waves and that manifests in our surroundings. Most people rarely have a few peaceful moments and we focus on changing things that we can't and ignore the things that we can change. They shot Kennedy, King, Ghandi, Malcom X, and loads of others. It is pattern that needs to change inside of us and if enough of us change internally and external change will soon follow. I believe in prayer and I believe in meditation and I believe that most people don't pursue this path with half as much passion as we pursue our addictions. We have to want change inside of ourselves and to free ourselves from our own internal war. We have many changes and it will erupt in ways both beautiful and horrorific. We get closer to peace when we decide that we want to be vehicles of creating and expressing art because that is what we love to do not because we think that we have to.. We just stop slow down and kiss a tree because we all need to feel a kiss sometimes.


spacewrangler68 said...

i agree that there's not nearly enough time set aside for internal reflection, esp in persuance of our addictions (drugs, drink, screwing our neighbors for money, and worst of all, fast food). you got my vote, brother

David Jackson said...

here here, I am sure you don't remember me, but I met you at Coachella last year. Nice finding you again.

Anonymous said...

I actually have a great memory for faces so who knows I might actually remeber you. But happy we connected again.

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