Thursday, February 28, 2008

PEople Don't Always say what they mean Read Between the Lines

1) I think we should talk (I am going to talk and your going to listen)_
2) You are so refreshing ( I don't know many interesting people and I am surrounded by many drab people at work that carbon copies of one another)
3) I like really tall men (One day I will want to reproduce and I want my children to be tall because then they are more likely according to statistics to become CEO's and make more money)
4) I am exotic Dancer (I gyrate in people's laps and tease them as if I would have sex with them, but I most likely won't)
5) I live with my mother (I have no idea how to function in a world where I am responsible for cleaning,cookinng,etc... and now all my earnings can be spent on collecting comic books and video games and strippers who won't sleep with me)
6) You have freedom of speech (If you have enough money for permits and are willing to jump through hoops like a trained dog then for a brief period of time we will allow you speak freely in public otherwise we will charge you with disorderly conduct,diturbing the peace and any number of city ordiances that we can enforce at will)
7) No Loiterring (As long as you are dressed nicely then you are welcome to hang out as long as you want just don't look homeless or poor.
8) I am fine ( I am oompletely and totally miserable or maybe I am just numb to most things and I don't want to talk about any of that I don't think you would want to listen anyway. So make life eaiser for both of us I won't open up Pandora's box.

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