Thursday, February 07, 2008

Our Campaign CUrrently Has A Market Value of $31

The sale of the presidential campagin is not yet over, but I don't think that matters. I am sure some sort of point is being made by this sale on Ebay. We have been underdogs too long. All we need is just the smallest light of day and we will shine some light on a whole bunch of issues that are skimmed over because these are other candidates are trying to win instead of serving the American people. I don't give a Kuala bear's ass about winning really we have come here to shake things up to bring break dancing into a ball room dancing competition. Bring it on and my dance moves are ready to take on these candidates. Now is the time and San Francisco is the place and we are the human race tired of being sold up the river. The top 1/10 of 1% percent make more then the bottom 150 million in this country. The gap has not been this big since the Great Depression. Lets make this campaign count for something. Are you some sort of long shot yourself? Have you ever been counted out before the fight began? Then more then likely you are an American citizen who is being robbed blind while busting your ass to pay the rent. We are the change that America has been dreaming about. We will say the things that other candidates fantasize about but don't feel it to be prudent. There is a whole in the titanic and people are still trying to dance around it. I want to thank anyone who told at least one person about this campaign whether living or dead. We can get dead people to vote for us I am sure they would support us if they could. You might think I am a bit crazy, but I might just be the lunatic your looking for. And if it comes down to it I will cut my hair and wear a suit, but it is a last resort I say or maybe first resort. It all seems like one and the same.

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