Thursday, February 28, 2008

Can You Feel the Momentum

Things are building inside of you to the point that you know something is going to happen in your external world, but the focus needs to continue on being inwardly driven and being able to have a greater awareness of your actions and your words. If you merely become more aware of your breathing you can start to hit the off button in your mind and find that inner stillness. All of us can contribute to more peace on the planet as we find that inside of ourselves and this has a momentum that will help us to bring about external changes. There is great power in non-violent protest, but it is more then just are actions it is having a clear mind as well.


one L said...

i'm like a broken record, pushing breathing on everyone showing signs of stress (read: everyone) and they humour me and nod like they are listening - like breathing could really make a difference. but i'll tell you one thing and you already know it. i started breathing from the belly a couple years ago and meanwhile have been paying mucho attention to this inhale-exhale thing, and it wouldn't be fair for me to keep this beautiful breathing to myself for all the good it's done me. i still worry, yes, because it's part of the way i think - being able to see every possibility always comes with a slight hint of worry... but i am so very much not that ball of anxiety that i have been my whole life (read: migraines since i was three).

it's the easiest thing in the world, truly. and we have all the tools we need right here, inside us, and all around. it costs nothing and you can do it all the time, any time and i still can't get people to pay attention. i send them books, and look them in the eye and say 'seriously, i'm not kidding, breathing will do you wonders' and i explain to them what works for me and encourage them to find what works for them, but everyone just sort of shrugs it off. i don't let it bother me, mostly, cause mostly everyone's always shrugging me off, but sometimes doesn't it make you insane? to watch your friends and family suffer and wanting to help them, but not being able to get them to help themselves...

i keep getting lost on the way.

peace yo, love stylez.

one L said...

...lost being part of the way.

Anonymous said...

Why worry, what will come next we can't control and our actions can be true for the moment only if we have a clear mind not clouded by the negativity of worry. Worry is simple selfishness and a lack of confidence we can handle whats next. To change the world we simply need to show others it will be OK. We may be wrecking the world as a society, but who has belief in society? I believe in humanity, and sure a lot of us may have to die for any course to change, but aren't we going to anyway. So make decisions that you believe are right and don't worry about the consequences because no consequences mean different things to each of us and are always going to be less than the consequences we feel if we aren't true to ourselves. The secret to life is simple, live. The Secret to a happy life,society,humanity is simply to selfishly follow your heart so you are happy. Happy people make a happy planet. People have the one thing they truly need and start to look for ways to pass it on. Selfishness destroys itself if done without the guidance of others.

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