Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bring on the Book Deal

Every now and then someone tells me that I should write a book and I thank them for the compliment and think that would be interesting. I wonder how would want to edit all of my writing over the last couple of years. Then I wonder who actually has time to do that and if anyone could do a good job. I realize that I just kind of do certain things because in a given moment I feel a motivation and I move on that feeling. I have traveled to so many different places and had countless rather humorous, tragic, odd, and non-classifiable moments and that it should be in a book of some sorts. So if you are an editor, publisher, book agent, etc.... feel free to contact me at your nearest convience. My number is 973-202-7176. Also if it is after 9 pm on the west coast or anytime on the weekend feel free to call me and ask me anything that has crossed your mind that might help you on your own journey. Ah the internet anything is oddly possible and we can connect with all sorts of people who we have never or hardly met in person.

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