Saturday, February 16, 2008

Finding That Inner Intimacy

Recently it has occurred to me that what I am seeking and what the entire world is either seeking or running from intimacy. I find myself seeking this more and more inside of myself realizing that nobody give me this experience it is something that I must find in my inner being. They can hold a space for it to take place in the same way that I can hold a space for intimacy. Intimacy is touching that deeper part of self that makes everything going on around us not capable of effecting is in one way or another. I feel that we are all equipped to be in intense blissful states most of us merely can't seem to activate that aspect of ourselves because we are always losing sight of our true selves seeking to find something in a world full of things. Yet the greatest thing is "no-thing" at all and something we are born with and that we have the ability to activate whenever we decide to commit ourselves to that pursuit. Through simple processes of deep breathing we can find that we start to become more present of this moment no longer living in the delusion that something else outside of ourselves will make us complete. Some of us find ourselves knowing this truth yet our actions are still working towards lining up with this inward knowing.

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