Sunday, February 10, 2008

Surreal is the way to Heal

We are artists in the way we live our lives but everyone is an artist some choose to express it more fluidly then others. People so often take things at face value and truly miss there real worth. There is an intention of love that overflows into all things and it has power to lead us towards a greater understanding with clouds of blue grey mist floating around. Floods of purple, blue and green and the the deepest void of nothingness. Andy Dufrane was a bird whose feathers were to bright to be caged by any system. At some point we explode out of our shell and just the piercing light of being is left and everything else falls away. We are in a time of grandiose change and America is ready to make that change. We are the beloved Guru's children. We are holding that torch so that we can make our way to the other side. We have moments where nothing seems to be transpiring but we can surrender to the infinite then we experience a release of emotion and tension. Not everything should or can make sense to a limited rational mind. Most things go beyond the rainbow with no beginning or end clearly seen. There is a return to worlds that have been forgotten and so they are quickly remember raindrops on the sand being swept into the ocean beneath my feet. Give me a treehouse with plenty of space for a large family and mango trees. Call me a realist that sees infinite possibility and is ready to hold a space to inspire the masses that are undaunted by what has come before us because not is a time to make a clean break from the past and things that have not been working.

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