Sunday, February 10, 2008

I keep heaidng towards somehting that iS Behind and Beyond me

I enkoy mispeliing things because we have rules for everything yet words are such imperfect thing=s and hence my spelling should somehoe relftect that to some degreee, but as long as you can feel the sentiment and your heart opens to a new possoibility and you feed that part of you that is too often overlooked, Feel that peace and the praise that comes form somehthing beyond any approval from your peers or your hero. I bow because IO give thanks that I can inspire anyone to extend themselves or search within themselves in the splendidness of silence. I am holding a space for the magic of Jazz to come back the magic of rock and roll created to heal and to fuse things together to not speak on of oneness but rather to feel oneness in its enterinty. Norah Jones tell me why you didn't call and maybe by that point I realize that it never even mattered even if my heart ailed on the sand. You invite me and push me out at the same time. Some part of you remains emotional unavailable and yet that was my upbringing. You have something that I have within my core and now is the time to express that core.

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