Friday, July 10, 2009

Seriously--I Need An Editor

(Re-publication 11-13-09 post-edit)

I was just looking over my last blog and there are things I meant to say and words that get dropped and then the meaning gets changed which is kind of funny. And this points to the imperfection of the English word. The best I can do is try to emit a feeling or emotion thru this medium and let loose the flood of my unconsciousness and somehow in the process help people in their process to do the same.
We play the same games all life getting the same results waiting for all of that to change, but we are never willing to put it all on the line and be that change ourselves.
We all need to take a huge leap of faith into the unknown and allow ourselves to peel away the layers and leave ourselves open and vulnerable and just be in this moment and hold that space to the stillness and watch the system crack apart around us.

We say too much for which we don't actually intend to follow thru. We are at a point where the earth is giving us warning signs to awaken to whom we are. Otherwise there won't be much of a world left to awaken to for ourselves and future generations. The choices that we make right now to awaken determines so much for so many. Finding our inner grace has not been so readily available in a long time.
So Maybe you want to delve inside of your own oyster which is you and allow that pearl to reveal itself to the whole world. Here we are just waiting for the facade to fully crack apart and for all of us to be honest with ourselves and then we can start to be honest with our friends, family, and people that we call strangers. Truthfully most of us have been strangers to ourselves for a long time. A long time or a short time and eventually there is no time and we can see that there is no separation except what we perceive in the mind. Let the suffering stop and let the healing happen and may the grace heal us all.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Do You Remember Me

(Re-publication 11-13-09 post-edit)

In all the world where everything is changing all the time I have noticed wherever I go people want to be remembered, and one of the first questions people will ask me is if I remember them. It is like they are testing me or really testing themselves. Some of them give a response before I have a chance to say anything positive that I couldn't actually remember them. Quite often people's jaws will drop and sometimes I need them to say the right phrase or location and it will all come flooding back to me.
Yet I was thinking how much people want to be remembered, but more importantly people want to be recognized on a level that is much deeper than they realize. People want their spirit to be acknowledge even more than they want their identity validated.
Recognize people's spirit and allow the ego to do what it wants but don't respond to the thrashing and clawing of the ego. Speak to their soul and they will love you forever. Just talk to who they really are because it makes them recognize who they really are beyond this form and name that we often mistakenly take to be all of whom we are.
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