Monday, May 29, 2006

Would You Call My Name

The love that I was giving was never in doubt (David Gray lyrics). I am tired of women that only want to talk about leaping and don't actually want to take that plunge into mystery. Life is mystery, real actual life is made of mystery, not of some fucking formula. I can not guarantee anything accept that I will follow my heart to wherever it takes me. I want a woman that desires the same and knows that they, me, or both of us, may get hurt. That is why it is so amazing, because there is a risk while being vulnerable that makes me feel alive.

I love you. I always have loved you, and when I look at you I mean it in every gesture, and In everyway. I am not promising anything except that I will say what I feel when I feel it. I will not hold back and both you and I will be better for it. If you hear me or feel me, then do something about it. Don't just stare at me or think about me, just tell me where you want to meet and I will be there. Only by following these feelings that come out from you, can I better get to know my true self. I feel humbled in your presence and when you are completely present. Not living in a state of fear where you shut down and let nothing in or out like some sort of military zone. I can feel you scream and cry when you smile and laugh for the benefit of your audience. You never fooled me for a minute. When I look at you I go through it all and you do the same to me.

Romantics are merely people that breathe deeper and cut with their eyes in ways that make them compelling and uncomfortable to be around. I am still with you as I type and as I touch your spirit. I cry out to you and I know that you hear it, for echos thru the whole fucking world.... It has always echoed be it different names, races, faces, and places. It is always the same. The setting does not matter just the emotions that are struck. I've been seeing you even before I met you and when we kiss time stops, and there we are frozen like tongues to flagpoles and there is no one else I want to be frozen with. I am melting as I type the layers of ego and facade fade away like the emotions we hide in a world where everyone has gotten so good at suppressing what it is they want so they can have something that they could do without. I still feel sadness for the last lifetime when I left you, but I will not leave you high and dry with no shoulder to cry on. I visit you in your sleep, but you already knew that. It is too akward to say in this world of silly concepts that we live in. Well.... this world is about to fall apart in all the best ways the walls are coming down and this clown has had his whole world flipped upside down.
But only when that happens do we realize that we can never be held in place and these eyes do not see like this soul sees.

Neither of us could ever get away from each other and doing thus would be merely kidding ourselves. I am not going to kid myself, everything has already happened while most of this world was busy napping. We were chasing the dream, when only being the dream makes any sense. Merging with the dream is to merge with the divinity of infinity. "Where is my mind?", The song says, I put it on a blog so that people could read and know to some extent what I was trying to express. "Yeah they don't love you like I love you, because they don't know you like I know you." First eye shot, everything that needed to be said was said, and we both began bobbing to the music that only we could hear. I left because I had to go, but unlike last time, nothing was going to keep me from coming back to see the soul that I have known better then all I have seen. We have amazing scenes ahead, and a son named Tallaque coming. Tonight at my parents house, and your future in-laws house, I told you something that you knew deep in your heart because we both have carried it for so long.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Am I Losing My Religion ?

Recently it has appeared that I am starting a new religion. Seeing that the last religion with a nomadic jew as the figurehead became fairly popular, I feel confident in the success of Revolution for Evolution, my new religion. In fact, I already have some active apostles in place. And while I have not at this moment realized enlightenment, it can only work towards the advantage of my religion.

Being that I was born jewish and I am starting a new religion does not mean that I am no longer Jewish? Do I have to stop being a 6 foot 7 inch freestyle rapping Jew if I am going to start a new religion? I would say hell no!... that it is not expected for any memebers of the religion to give up their previous or current religion.

This is a religion that places no lofty expectations upon any of its members. Sometimes, I feel that people shrug responsibility when there is someone who is portrayed as perfection (Jesus) then people feel like that they don't have to make any efforts because Jesus will forgive them and take care of all their mistakes for them. My religion will empower people to be accountable for their own salvation or whatever people deem as salvation.

I want people to be able to have sex with other people without any feelings of guilt or obligation. In this case the other person is a new religion that focuses on your growth and individual empowerment. We highly encourage all people to tap into their gifts and help humanity evolve towards a more peaceful future. The revolution is truly the evolution of humanity and religion should be something to bring peace into the world not to be fought on a battlefield.

Monday, May 15, 2006

The Deal With Birthdays

I am not really sure I have ever viewed this day like other people. Some of my really good friends will have no idea that April 17th is my birthday which recently passed, but I have no desire to inform all my friends that this day is my birthday. Now, because of myspace, random people that have never met me, know when my birthday happens. Since I am traveling man I just choose to celebrate my birthday when I have access to a large space and can bring together alot of my friends and interesting characters. I will pick any day of the year and make it my birthday.

I think that people should pick a day that works in their schedule and make that day their birthday. I have heard some stories where people will dedicate a whole week or more to their birthday. Your birthday is a day that gives people an excuse to be nice to you or maybe buy you some sort of handy trincket or meal of some sort. Birthdays are a wonderful thing, but should not be held to celebrating only on the day of your inceptipon. At any moment you can be conceived and remember time is not actually linear, it is merely our mind that perceives it to be linear. Time is a way to measure the distance between two points in space and that all depends upon your vantage point.

I personally vow to consistently celebrate my birthday when I feel the mood strike and I want to celebrate this with amazing people that I have come to know when the timing is good. Plus, I don't want to hold anyone not on myspace to be responsible for remembering my birhtday. It is an extra responsibility that I do not desire to place upon anyone being that I do not desire it placed upon me. We all need to celebrate our birthdays a little more often. I think that it would certainly make our year more enjoyable and give numerous different groups an opportunity to celebrate such a wonderful occassion. Sometimes I think about celebrating a birhtday every time I switch towns which can be quite frequent. I want to give everyone a chance to celebrate my birthday with me and be just a little bit kinder.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

The New Rat Pack

I am sure there are about a million people that have claimed that they and their crew are the new rat pack and please forgive me for treading on such sacred ground. But I roll with the most random mix of people from the entire spectrum. It has always been the case and they get more bizarre all the time. There are many times in which I roll solo, but every now and then I roll with a crew who always brings about the most intense insanity. One insane guy by himself is just that; one insane guy by himself, but when you add a whole bunch of people into the mix, the insane becomes somewhat of a rockstar. We have this way of walking into a room and everyone saying, "who the hell are these guys". On numerous occassions the dancing has been so over the top that free drinks are offered to my friends and I though half of them don't drink. On other occassions we're so much that we're asked to leave or to cool it down.

It is as if people have never seen other people live before. I often feel that my crew (even when not participating) helps people to have better sex. They are from the entire spectrum in fields such as investment banking, (least likely one first)fashion,music,art, dancing, public relations, film, theatre, writers, revolutionaires, street performers, couchsurfers, maniac monks, nomads, and numerous other odd types. We have come to throw the world upside down. Usually if I can even get together just two of them the effects are tremendous and we pull so many people towards us. We are a walking circus and we have a series of numerous skills to bring to the table. We are the new A-team and we are ready to sing, dance, act, and couchsurf into the world's heart. It has been a long time coming but the new rat pack is back on the scene and every scene that you could imagine especially NYC. Life is a kick in the head and my friends understand this well. So start expecting alot more kicks in the head and the good times shall be rolling.
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