Thursday, May 11, 2006

The New Rat Pack

I am sure there are about a million people that have claimed that they and their crew are the new rat pack and please forgive me for treading on such sacred ground. But I roll with the most random mix of people from the entire spectrum. It has always been the case and they get more bizarre all the time. There are many times in which I roll solo, but every now and then I roll with a crew who always brings about the most intense insanity. One insane guy by himself is just that; one insane guy by himself, but when you add a whole bunch of people into the mix, the insane becomes somewhat of a rockstar. We have this way of walking into a room and everyone saying, "who the hell are these guys". On numerous occassions the dancing has been so over the top that free drinks are offered to my friends and I though half of them don't drink. On other occassions we're so much that we're asked to leave or to cool it down.

It is as if people have never seen other people live before. I often feel that my crew (even when not participating) helps people to have better sex. They are from the entire spectrum in fields such as investment banking, (least likely one first)fashion,music,art, dancing, public relations, film, theatre, writers, revolutionaires, street performers, couchsurfers, maniac monks, nomads, and numerous other odd types. We have come to throw the world upside down. Usually if I can even get together just two of them the effects are tremendous and we pull so many people towards us. We are a walking circus and we have a series of numerous skills to bring to the table. We are the new A-team and we are ready to sing, dance, act, and couchsurf into the world's heart. It has been a long time coming but the new rat pack is back on the scene and every scene that you could imagine especially NYC. Life is a kick in the head and my friends understand this well. So start expecting alot more kicks in the head and the good times shall be rolling.


Anonymous said...

i'm down with rollin round town

-sheltered island

Te'DeVan said...

So which town are we talking about rolling around in. Shelter or NYC? Things are getting funnier and more surprising everyday here in NYC. How are things with you and where are they now?

JMinney said...

Amen to that!

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