Monday, May 15, 2006

The Deal With Birthdays

I am not really sure I have ever viewed this day like other people. Some of my really good friends will have no idea that April 17th is my birthday which recently passed, but I have no desire to inform all my friends that this day is my birthday. Now, because of myspace, random people that have never met me, know when my birthday happens. Since I am traveling man I just choose to celebrate my birthday when I have access to a large space and can bring together alot of my friends and interesting characters. I will pick any day of the year and make it my birthday.

I think that people should pick a day that works in their schedule and make that day their birthday. I have heard some stories where people will dedicate a whole week or more to their birthday. Your birthday is a day that gives people an excuse to be nice to you or maybe buy you some sort of handy trincket or meal of some sort. Birthdays are a wonderful thing, but should not be held to celebrating only on the day of your inceptipon. At any moment you can be conceived and remember time is not actually linear, it is merely our mind that perceives it to be linear. Time is a way to measure the distance between two points in space and that all depends upon your vantage point.

I personally vow to consistently celebrate my birthday when I feel the mood strike and I want to celebrate this with amazing people that I have come to know when the timing is good. Plus, I don't want to hold anyone not on myspace to be responsible for remembering my birhtday. It is an extra responsibility that I do not desire to place upon anyone being that I do not desire it placed upon me. We all need to celebrate our birthdays a little more often. I think that it would certainly make our year more enjoyable and give numerous different groups an opportunity to celebrate such a wonderful occassion. Sometimes I think about celebrating a birhtday every time I switch towns which can be quite frequent. I want to give everyone a chance to celebrate my birthday with me and be just a little bit kinder.


Reverend Steve said...


I chose to only celebrate your real birthday... the day you emerged from the cocoon as Te De'Van. What day is that? (If you do not know, let us designate a day in early August so I can take you out for Chai on your birthday.) Nevertheless, happy belated!!!

PS. We need to purchase 720 Arch, if only to convert it over to a museum dedicated to us. We can pay the mortgage by parking cars on the lawn for Michigan home games.

RospiGroup said...

I think we should celebrate your birthday on May 31st at Kenny's

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