Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Am I Losing My Religion ?

Recently it has appeared that I am starting a new religion. Seeing that the last religion with a nomadic jew as the figurehead became fairly popular, I feel confident in the success of Revolution for Evolution, my new religion. In fact, I already have some active apostles in place. And while I have not at this moment realized enlightenment, it can only work towards the advantage of my religion.

Being that I was born jewish and I am starting a new religion does not mean that I am no longer Jewish? Do I have to stop being a 6 foot 7 inch freestyle rapping Jew if I am going to start a new religion? I would say hell no!... that it is not expected for any memebers of the religion to give up their previous or current religion.

This is a religion that places no lofty expectations upon any of its members. Sometimes, I feel that people shrug responsibility when there is someone who is portrayed as perfection (Jesus) then people feel like that they don't have to make any efforts because Jesus will forgive them and take care of all their mistakes for them. My religion will empower people to be accountable for their own salvation or whatever people deem as salvation.

I want people to be able to have sex with other people without any feelings of guilt or obligation. In this case the other person is a new religion that focuses on your growth and individual empowerment. We highly encourage all people to tap into their gifts and help humanity evolve towards a more peaceful future. The revolution is truly the evolution of humanity and religion should be something to bring peace into the world not to be fought on a battlefield.


StaticTraveller said...

Hear hear!

You get up mad early sometimes, man. Dang...

Where you been? What's your e-mail too

Reverend Steve said...

Starting a new religion didn't make Jebus abandon his career as an O.G. He just kept on flowin' and bangin' the hoes... viola! The DaVinci Code!

I started a religion once... it was way more fun than attending somebody else's religion. However, I think your religion may actually be even more fun, so count me in!

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