Thursday, March 29, 2007

TraveL Report About Goa

ANjuna is a wonderful spot where conversations with all sorts of people abound. If you are person that loves great food and prefers your food organic then why did you come to Goa? It is okay because the Blue Tao will take care of all of your needs including wheat grass and spirulana. The heart of the matter is for those looking to meet a girl or guy here for possible rendevzous and escapades. I would recommend the restuarants as well as the beaches. Do not be shy in Goa. THere is always some sort of trance party going on here. You can get a room in Vagator for as cheap as hundred ruppes. Baragain for everything here and remember you are not just closing a deal here you are making your friends at the same time.

There is a magic in the air and it is Bunring Man meets Key West. If Burning Man had it a beach it would be GOa. THE goans are quite a bit different then Indians. THey do not view themselves as being Indian they are GOan. DO the same. You will meet Indians on holiday from Bombay and other places around India. THey love to take pictures of you especially on beaches such as Vagator. Want to know what its like to be famous for no reason come to Vagator beach. You will be in countless photo albums. FOr those eanting some spiritual healng and maybe in search of a miracle. There is a man here named Patrick and he has got the gift say many people that have experienced his magic first hand. Bad knees, cancer patients and all sorts of diseases. Get there early in peak season he will see a hundred a day. Most visits are quite brief but still of great benefit. THere is a presence to experience even if you think that you are well. Goa has an edge to it and a bit of recklessness about it and button down people open up all or at least quite a few of their buttons or they just run around naked screaming at some trance party. Baga is a bit pricey un comparison to the rest of Goa and is wonderful to meet the tourist sorts of types from England and there is a bit of a clubby vibe at night time. You want to have a girl though to get into these places it makes it easeir. 600 ruppees and all you can drink all night long. Yet the drinks are bit a weak according to most people, but for the light weights that like that scene check it out. Goa is a place to get wasted and get enlightened quite a bit. Charles DIckens would love this place.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I am still provessing quite a bit

Everyo moment here keeps me constantly on my toes and challenges me to think about everything. I have been rethinking how romantic love is wonderful there is something much greater then that feeling. Romantic love turns quicker then milk on hot day in India. I only wish to be able to express just a small fraction of this experience. When I get back people will constantly ask me about this trip. I will save the stories as they appear to be of value in a given moment otherwise I will post them on the blog. THere are alot of little things here that sound very small, but have been etched in your mind forever. I have allowed quite a few birds to fly away even though I showed in interest in their feathers I found that I was more focused on the heart these days. I still look at the feathers, but my heart longs for the flying more then anything.

I have been purging myself of things that are not useful and continue to learn how to be more resourceful. I met a man here that fell in love and then lost his love in a most unexpected way. It broke my heart and gave me tremendous hope at the same time. The love we experience will last us a life time. Be open to it and India or whatever version of India can be everywhere. I have recently been asked to write about these experiences for a travel publication. THis is most forray into this field, but I guess it has been a long time coming. I desire to make the information useful, but I want it to tug at people's hearts and not just be information. Information misleads and your heart never will.

When you choose to do business here you are also choosing your friends. So choose wisely. The cheapest ones are not always the best ones. Look at their eyes more then their smiles. Many people can smile before they attack. I love being on the buses here. THe intense sweating brings me great joy and makes me feel very connected the culture. The fact the buses want your business so badly is alos quite beautiful. Keep being your voyage whatever it maybe and just make sure that it is giving your heart satisfaction.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Before You Come to India Learn Russian

Being India I have only one major regret. I wish that I had learned the Russian language I could also say German, but most of the Germans know how to speak English while the Russians usually just know a choice phrases such as "You like Trance Music", "We are having a trance Party", and "Do you want a drink?". I seriously would have had a few possible Russian romances at this point, but I have no regrets about it. Language certainly plays a factor in our interactions, but it is quite fun to have a bit of physical attraction and not have any small talk because they can't speak your language. I just do my best to let the energy speak on my behalf.

A really great show would be putting my on dates with women who don't speak english and watching them trying to figure out what they hell I am doing. Most of the time I don't even know I just let it happen. I also had an odd epiphany which is somehow it is easier to just have sex with a girl instead of asking if you can hold her hand. Holding someone's hand can be alot more intimate then sex. Not that I comparing handing holding to sex, but somehow people skip over to many steps and shaking hands has become sex and sex has become hugging. I am not sure if that makes any sense, but it just seems to ring true in my observations of people's fear of actual emotions. The moral of the story is that learning Russian is great, but learning love is probably alot better.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Two Pieces of Chocolate Cake for A Day's Work

I am in Goa, India for those of you who did not know. And they say it is not India, but I have also heard that Key West is not the United States. People always want to tell you what something is or isn't. Goa has a much greater portugese and catholic influence then the rest of India. It was founded by the Portugese back in the day and you will find quite a few beautiful cathedrals here in Goa. A day laborer in India will make about hundred rupees a day. This will translate to about a little more then two American dollars or in my case two pieces of a cake called "cholocate Malibu almond" cake. In the states I would not eat such thing in most cases and would instead opt for an amazing vegan desert. Needless to say I have abandoned that sort of thinking in India. I will be basically in short period of times consume a day's wages for one man at one brief sittting.

Our concetps of poverty are very different then a 3rd world countries conept of poverty. In many cases people here are working for what they need and not working for luxuries though that is starting to change as India is making "progress". There are over 30 billionaires in India according to Forbes magazine and their total net value is 191 billion. Yet, even in Goa a busy tourist town the cows and dogs still act as the garbage men. THey eat the garbage, but less often because the tourists feed the cows and dogs a little bit. This causes the garbage to pile uip along side the roads.

Something is almost always burning in this country. Not a day goes by that I don't smell something burning in the air. My nostrils have grown accustomed to it. There are so many thoughts that are going on in my mind at any given point in this country that it makes it nearly impossible to express even a fraction of it in my blogs. India is amazing in ways that is quite difficult for most westerners to see. Yet, the people do smile more often and the stuggle makes them feel alive. People India don't seem to suffer from boredom. Rarely do people in India have the privilege of boredom. India has inspired me in many different ways and has formed a greater resolve to accomplish certain goals. I was recently learning of the corruption of the cops in Goa and I became outraged for a moment. Making tourists in cars pay 900 rupee bribes. Then I remember how corrupt my own country was and it was just yesterday that someone stole some election and everything returned to business as normal. In 1st world countries politicians skim off the top and in 3rd world countries they just take the top. The gap in the United States between rich and poor is widening, but it still has not reached the point that it has in India.

Amazing when you think so few people control so many resources. You might know someone that you think has acquired a bit of money, but really they have less then pencil shavings unless you know one of these billionaires. WHere does all this money go? What are they waiting for? WHy don't we help more people? People's minds make people from separate from each other and therefore they think they are superior or poorer people thousands of miles away is not something that they are forced to think about. Sally Struthers is somebody elses mother and the people on television don't look like them and they don't speak english. Only if they had a lighter complexion and spoke English then perhaps more would be done.

I know that people are starting to wake up to the absurdity of the world and we are not powerless. We can effect change and there are more and more organizations doing just that. We can be part of the solution and we don't ever have to be bored unless we really want to be bored. THere is always people somewhere that could use your help. The best way to get over your own suffering is top help someone else with their suffering especially when there suffering is much more severe.

Monday, March 12, 2007

I bought Jewelry

I bought some Jewelry from a man from Kashmir in Goa. This is something that I never would have done in the past , but somehow I couldn't resist and I don't like to be overly dogmatic about anything in life. I even have a ring on my finger. It is wonderful in life to break from patterns. Everyone here is always trying to sell me something. It can be quite intense at times. If you have ever wondered what being a celebrity might feel like come to Goa. So many people will approach and one of the best lines they will use is "Remember Me". I have been hanging out with my go buddy Stephon I know him from Shelter Island. He was raised in Kentucky and we met on Sunset beach Shelter Island and then we ran into each other naerby a place called Sunset in Anjuna, Goa.

I have been learning a great deal of things while being in India. Firmly saying no is something that I am perfecting at times it is a little harsh, but you will be approached by over a hundred people everyday at least and sometimes more. You can not afford to hesitate or be indecisive in anyway. I understand the value of good schools and good sanitation. I hope to give my garbage man a hug or at least a handshake and maybe some sandwich. Garbage is everywhere and it is either eaten by the cows or dogs or it piles up until someone decides to burn it. The idea of perserving the environment is a very foreign concept here in Goa. THey are following the example that we set many years ago during out major industrial revolution

The people here are in such a different world then us. We are sort of bizarre aliens that walk among them. THey are amazingly fascinated by my height and will constantly ask me how talll or what length I have. This is another way of saying how tall. They also get very excited about where I am from and what is my height and then the conversation will come to an abrupt end.

I do love here it quite alot because it gives me a great deal of time to think all sorts of things that I want to be focusing on with my time. I have thought of many of my friends and many people that I have met along the way. I want to send everyone my warmest and will see you soon.

much love and relaxation,

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Are you strong enough to be My man

Love the song and having been thinking alot about the sentiment. I Keeping hearing it all over Goa. When you travel there are certain songs that keep popping up and this is one of them for me. I want to be at that point. There are so many pitfalls that I have fallen into before in my previous relationships and I don't want to do that anymore. It is unnecessary suffering for both me and the woman. There were quite a few times that both of us might have been better off if I just loved them and did not give into them physically. In those cases I was not strong enough to be their man.

Sometimes to be strong enough to be their man you have to be willing to walk away when they want you to give them something that will truly hurt both of you. We constantly confuse love and sex and I want sex, but I want it to be deeply enmeshed in love otherwise it doesn't fill me the way I want to be filled. My heart is dictating more and more of my actions. I am just trying to be honest even if it sounds insane, corny or cliche. If it isn't love then what is the point of it? I am sure a bunch of people could say numerous things but not one of them would truly make my heart feel any better. I have always wanted my sex to be strongly intertwined with love. The culture feels intimacy. People are less likely to put on condoms then open up their heart fully. There is always this protecting of the heart even though it really it is the most powerful thing that we have.

Che once made a quote that a truly great revolutionary is moved by waves of love. I am paraphrasing, but he was dead on. In the west we are often sleep walking because we have created a society that is sterilized and people only see most brutal things on television. There are people that see this brutality in the United States. Just go down to certain parts of New Orleans, but it is far more common in what we call third world countries. Jimmy Carter said the country was in a "Malaise" and they crucified him for it, but there is the malaise of most people having everything they need, but not knowing what they want. Come to India/CHina/Mexico/Brazil/Africa and many other places and then you can see struggle and
realize that having clean drinking water and people that come to pick up the garbage is a huge luxury.

There is so much in the West we will not understand in our bubble world. Some of us decide to leave the bubble and come back to break the bubble which harms us more then it protects us. Americans need to get out there and see what is going and talk to other sorts of people. We need to take on a different role. Many in the world view as war mongers. Lets be seen as peace keepers and be the ones to bring the food and the medicine and education to the masses of children that will never be given this chance.

I hope in my heart to be strong enough to be this man. When I return to the west it is easy to forget then struggle when it is not in front of your eyes, but it burns in my heart and imprint has been made and that can not be forgotten no matter how much advertising and propaganda that I see. As I sit here writing I keep blaring in my head "Are you strong enough to be my man" "when I am throwing punches in the air". I change some of the lyrics but the feeling is there and pulsates intensively. Are you strong enough to be that man or woman. I know you are now you must know. Not me you. You need to see it and I need to see it but we have to "stop children what's that sound everyone look whats going down"

No more wool over the eyes besides its itchy and I am tired of crying.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

So Much to express about my expereince here. I have traveled only a little bit in terms of physical geography in India. I do not feel a desire to rush around and see all the sites. Instead I am taking my time and taking in the more Southern Parts of India. I have been To Goa, Bangalore, and Sai Baba's Ashram which is three hours North of Bangalore. Perhaps I shall remain in Goa and maybe I will check one or two more spots. I appreciate so many things about the United States everytime I leave, but one of the biggest is sanitation. We can still make great strides in our own country towards perserving our environment, but in India they are still racing to catch up to become developed and the environment is not a priority.

Goa specifically Chapora where I am staying is a little bit of a dodgy part of town though I feel no sense of danger, but there are certainly a few shadows lurking and substance abuse is way for many of the toursits and quite a few locals. I am learning a great deal about the sort of space that I desire to create. I want to create a truly magical wonderful place where many people will come to live and many will pass thru. I do not want it to be tainted or clouded by substances. I want to create a place similar to the "Dharma Pad" I had encountered in Santa Cruz. I am lead to believe that this place will manifest in Astoria Queens. I have been feeling quite a pull there as of late.

Life changes rapidly and people really let their guard down in the most wonderful ways when they are traveling. Traveling alone may seem sad at first, but it is truly remarkable. Most of my last five years has consisted of this sort of traveling and when I do have a companion it is quite natural and wonderful and never forced. I miss all of you so much and desire to visit you all at once when I return. I will be coming into San Fran April 3rd and be guided by the flow. Though I will be back in NYC shortly afterwards and starting to build a home base or "dharma Pad" if you will. I have many ideas and things that I want to do, but the base must be made first before the buses can roll as smoothly as possible.
much love and compassion,
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