Tuesday, March 06, 2007

So Much to express about my expereince here. I have traveled only a little bit in terms of physical geography in India. I do not feel a desire to rush around and see all the sites. Instead I am taking my time and taking in the more Southern Parts of India. I have been To Goa, Bangalore, and Sai Baba's Ashram which is three hours North of Bangalore. Perhaps I shall remain in Goa and maybe I will check one or two more spots. I appreciate so many things about the United States everytime I leave, but one of the biggest is sanitation. We can still make great strides in our own country towards perserving our environment, but in India they are still racing to catch up to become developed and the environment is not a priority.

Goa specifically Chapora where I am staying is a little bit of a dodgy part of town though I feel no sense of danger, but there are certainly a few shadows lurking and substance abuse is way for many of the toursits and quite a few locals. I am learning a great deal about the sort of space that I desire to create. I want to create a truly magical wonderful place where many people will come to live and many will pass thru. I do not want it to be tainted or clouded by substances. I want to create a place similar to the "Dharma Pad" I had encountered in Santa Cruz. I am lead to believe that this place will manifest in Astoria Queens. I have been feeling quite a pull there as of late.

Life changes rapidly and people really let their guard down in the most wonderful ways when they are traveling. Traveling alone may seem sad at first, but it is truly remarkable. Most of my last five years has consisted of this sort of traveling and when I do have a companion it is quite natural and wonderful and never forced. I miss all of you so much and desire to visit you all at once when I return. I will be coming into San Fran April 3rd and be guided by the flow. Though I will be back in NYC shortly afterwards and starting to build a home base or "dharma Pad" if you will. I have many ideas and things that I want to do, but the base must be made first before the buses can roll as smoothly as possible.
much love and compassion,


Anonymous said...

so i was in chapora last night and i agree with you on the overwhelming amount of usage going on. anyhow, i'm sure we'll brush paths soon...i'm on condolim beach, staying at the dona cristalina

kanzeon said...

Hey TeDeVan! April 3rd is my birthday! Let me know if you need a place to crash. I have a place with a pull out sofa - we'd just need to find you some sheets. In any case I'd love to see you while you're in San Fran if you are around for a day or so...415.350.0467 - Stephanie in San Fran (from John's Reiki circle)

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