Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I am still provessing quite a bit

Everyo moment here keeps me constantly on my toes and challenges me to think about everything. I have been rethinking how romantic love is wonderful there is something much greater then that feeling. Romantic love turns quicker then milk on hot day in India. I only wish to be able to express just a small fraction of this experience. When I get back people will constantly ask me about this trip. I will save the stories as they appear to be of value in a given moment otherwise I will post them on the blog. THere are alot of little things here that sound very small, but have been etched in your mind forever. I have allowed quite a few birds to fly away even though I showed in interest in their feathers I found that I was more focused on the heart these days. I still look at the feathers, but my heart longs for the flying more then anything.

I have been purging myself of things that are not useful and continue to learn how to be more resourceful. I met a man here that fell in love and then lost his love in a most unexpected way. It broke my heart and gave me tremendous hope at the same time. The love we experience will last us a life time. Be open to it and India or whatever version of India can be everywhere. I have recently been asked to write about these experiences for a travel publication. THis is most forray into this field, but I guess it has been a long time coming. I desire to make the information useful, but I want it to tug at people's hearts and not just be information. Information misleads and your heart never will.

When you choose to do business here you are also choosing your friends. So choose wisely. The cheapest ones are not always the best ones. Look at their eyes more then their smiles. Many people can smile before they attack. I love being on the buses here. THe intense sweating brings me great joy and makes me feel very connected the culture. The fact the buses want your business so badly is alos quite beautiful. Keep being your voyage whatever it maybe and just make sure that it is giving your heart satisfaction.

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