Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Are you strong enough to be My man

Love the song and having been thinking alot about the sentiment. I Keeping hearing it all over Goa. When you travel there are certain songs that keep popping up and this is one of them for me. I want to be at that point. There are so many pitfalls that I have fallen into before in my previous relationships and I don't want to do that anymore. It is unnecessary suffering for both me and the woman. There were quite a few times that both of us might have been better off if I just loved them and did not give into them physically. In those cases I was not strong enough to be their man.

Sometimes to be strong enough to be their man you have to be willing to walk away when they want you to give them something that will truly hurt both of you. We constantly confuse love and sex and I want sex, but I want it to be deeply enmeshed in love otherwise it doesn't fill me the way I want to be filled. My heart is dictating more and more of my actions. I am just trying to be honest even if it sounds insane, corny or cliche. If it isn't love then what is the point of it? I am sure a bunch of people could say numerous things but not one of them would truly make my heart feel any better. I have always wanted my sex to be strongly intertwined with love. The culture feels intimacy. People are less likely to put on condoms then open up their heart fully. There is always this protecting of the heart even though it really it is the most powerful thing that we have.

Che once made a quote that a truly great revolutionary is moved by waves of love. I am paraphrasing, but he was dead on. In the west we are often sleep walking because we have created a society that is sterilized and people only see most brutal things on television. There are people that see this brutality in the United States. Just go down to certain parts of New Orleans, but it is far more common in what we call third world countries. Jimmy Carter said the country was in a "Malaise" and they crucified him for it, but there is the malaise of most people having everything they need, but not knowing what they want. Come to India/CHina/Mexico/Brazil/Africa and many other places and then you can see struggle and
realize that having clean drinking water and people that come to pick up the garbage is a huge luxury.

There is so much in the West we will not understand in our bubble world. Some of us decide to leave the bubble and come back to break the bubble which harms us more then it protects us. Americans need to get out there and see what is going and talk to other sorts of people. We need to take on a different role. Many in the world view as war mongers. Lets be seen as peace keepers and be the ones to bring the food and the medicine and education to the masses of children that will never be given this chance.

I hope in my heart to be strong enough to be this man. When I return to the west it is easy to forget then struggle when it is not in front of your eyes, but it burns in my heart and imprint has been made and that can not be forgotten no matter how much advertising and propaganda that I see. As I sit here writing I keep blaring in my head "Are you strong enough to be my man" "when I am throwing punches in the air". I change some of the lyrics but the feeling is there and pulsates intensively. Are you strong enough to be that man or woman. I know you are now you must know. Not me you. You need to see it and I need to see it but we have to "stop children what's that sound everyone look whats going down"

No more wool over the eyes besides its itchy and I am tired of crying.


Moonbird said...

Hey brother.

Sage and I just watched the coolest hipster ever on youtube together. Right on.

I remember singing this song somewhere within our four days together.

I enjoyed reading what you wrote about it all.

See you again somewhere, beautiful soul of light. Even if it's just in the past.

Cristalle said...


We Love you!!! Ganesha, Rishi, and I are currently creating lovely veggie lasagna and Rishi is working on a goddess cookbook. You even have a dish named after you. Te'devan's Tempeh. Other dishes include taco's tacos, ganesha's tofu burritos and wabi's black beans and rice with plantains. We can't wait to give you a copy so you can eat yummy food in your dharma pad. We hope to visit you soon.

We are currently popping the bubble, and thank you for a divine reflection of how blessed we are, and how grateful we could be. Its so beautiful to hear a man growing into his strangth and be present for him and his partner. it sounds like you are strong enough to be your man.

We love you and will see you soon,
Kirti (Cristalle), Ganesha, Rishi, and Wah.

PS the Hoff left for New zealand today with his girlfreind Willow! Your vibration speech worked quickly.

TeDeVan said...

Wow I am quite blown away by all these words. Kirti you have been in my thoughts immensely kid. It is amazing how close our friendship has become in such a short period of time. I can't even begin to imagine what will happen once we actully grab lunch. I am honored to be in the cookbook. Tell Rishi I will put the vibes towards strong peace and the impeachment of Bush while I am it. I love New Zealand and send the Hoff and Willow all my best along with Ganesha RIshi and Wa RUle in full effect.

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