Thursday, March 29, 2007

TraveL Report About Goa

ANjuna is a wonderful spot where conversations with all sorts of people abound. If you are person that loves great food and prefers your food organic then why did you come to Goa? It is okay because the Blue Tao will take care of all of your needs including wheat grass and spirulana. The heart of the matter is for those looking to meet a girl or guy here for possible rendevzous and escapades. I would recommend the restuarants as well as the beaches. Do not be shy in Goa. THere is always some sort of trance party going on here. You can get a room in Vagator for as cheap as hundred ruppes. Baragain for everything here and remember you are not just closing a deal here you are making your friends at the same time.

There is a magic in the air and it is Bunring Man meets Key West. If Burning Man had it a beach it would be GOa. THE goans are quite a bit different then Indians. THey do not view themselves as being Indian they are GOan. DO the same. You will meet Indians on holiday from Bombay and other places around India. THey love to take pictures of you especially on beaches such as Vagator. Want to know what its like to be famous for no reason come to Vagator beach. You will be in countless photo albums. FOr those eanting some spiritual healng and maybe in search of a miracle. There is a man here named Patrick and he has got the gift say many people that have experienced his magic first hand. Bad knees, cancer patients and all sorts of diseases. Get there early in peak season he will see a hundred a day. Most visits are quite brief but still of great benefit. THere is a presence to experience even if you think that you are well. Goa has an edge to it and a bit of recklessness about it and button down people open up all or at least quite a few of their buttons or they just run around naked screaming at some trance party. Baga is a bit pricey un comparison to the rest of Goa and is wonderful to meet the tourist sorts of types from England and there is a bit of a clubby vibe at night time. You want to have a girl though to get into these places it makes it easeir. 600 ruppees and all you can drink all night long. Yet the drinks are bit a weak according to most people, but for the light weights that like that scene check it out. Goa is a place to get wasted and get enlightened quite a bit. Charles DIckens would love this place.

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