Monday, March 12, 2007

I bought Jewelry

I bought some Jewelry from a man from Kashmir in Goa. This is something that I never would have done in the past , but somehow I couldn't resist and I don't like to be overly dogmatic about anything in life. I even have a ring on my finger. It is wonderful in life to break from patterns. Everyone here is always trying to sell me something. It can be quite intense at times. If you have ever wondered what being a celebrity might feel like come to Goa. So many people will approach and one of the best lines they will use is "Remember Me". I have been hanging out with my go buddy Stephon I know him from Shelter Island. He was raised in Kentucky and we met on Sunset beach Shelter Island and then we ran into each other naerby a place called Sunset in Anjuna, Goa.

I have been learning a great deal of things while being in India. Firmly saying no is something that I am perfecting at times it is a little harsh, but you will be approached by over a hundred people everyday at least and sometimes more. You can not afford to hesitate or be indecisive in anyway. I understand the value of good schools and good sanitation. I hope to give my garbage man a hug or at least a handshake and maybe some sandwich. Garbage is everywhere and it is either eaten by the cows or dogs or it piles up until someone decides to burn it. The idea of perserving the environment is a very foreign concept here in Goa. THey are following the example that we set many years ago during out major industrial revolution

The people here are in such a different world then us. We are sort of bizarre aliens that walk among them. THey are amazingly fascinated by my height and will constantly ask me how talll or what length I have. This is another way of saying how tall. They also get very excited about where I am from and what is my height and then the conversation will come to an abrupt end.

I do love here it quite alot because it gives me a great deal of time to think all sorts of things that I want to be focusing on with my time. I have thought of many of my friends and many people that I have met along the way. I want to send everyone my warmest and will see you soon.

much love and relaxation,

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one l said...

so glad you and stephen were able to connect. hope you are all riding all the incredible vibes everyone is sending...

peace & love

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