Friday, April 27, 2007

Don't Call It A Comeback

Some of you might think that the presidential campaign is some sort of joke and that I am not actually serious about this endeavor. You would be very wrong. As we speak the campaign is starting to head into 2nd gear. I am not sure what the heck that means but I know firmly that we are heading into 2nd gear and there is no reason to have any fear because me and amazing crew of merry pranksters are very near. We are pulling out all the stops. We will soon be rasing funds for a small fleet of vegetable oil buses and A-team of very unique people from many different walks of life. It happens one person at a time and many different things are coming together. Just to let you all know Papa Neutrino has agreed to be secretary of transportation. Some of you know this man and others of you don't, but he is most famous for building a raft out of scrap parts and going across the Atlantic ocean. The man has will power and alot of courage to say the least. He told me that this campaign must happen. This is not a man to be argued with in any respect. If he says it must happen then indeed it must happen.

All of you are a part of this presidential race. 120 million people voted in the last white house race give or take a few million. Our current population is 300 million I want to tap into the 180 million people who did not vote. I want to show America that in this age even if you don't have much money you to can run for President of the United States. Lets help to put the word "servant" back into public servant. I would like to thank everyone for their support so far on the early part of the campaign trail. I would also like to thank everyone who told even just one person about this idea. There is a tipping point and we are rapidly reaching that point. Never doubt the power of just one voice to help change everything in the blink of an eye. A cover of Rolling Stone magazine will be just one of the markers that this campaign will reach. You can count on it my friends. The people will be heard and politics will forever be changed.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Coolest Hipster Ever

The Video That Started It All



That Kid in Kansas

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Looking at My Fears

Sometimes I fear that I am all wrong and sometimes I fear that I am mostly right and neither is completely true and yet both somehow make me a little nervous. We are all part of something that is much larger then any of us and we lose sight of the bigger picture. We become swallowed up entirely by our small dramas that mean nothing. Spending time in India help to put struggle into perspective. I have no problems and I never have had any problems. Only my mind thought there was a problem, but it always worked itself out. I am starting to realize how this is a waking dream and our thoughts are always shaping this dream that we live in.

New people enter our lives when we allow ourselves to make room for them. If we want something it will come our way, but when it does come let in and don't eye it suspiciously. I always get just what I needed and I as I want less the more I find myself receiving. We can't imagine or understand how we touch people's lives. We just have to allow ourselves to be present in this moment and offer our heart to other people and they will pass that on to others.

People can dislike or loathe George Bush and his group, but if people would refuse to pick up their weapons then they would have no power. By hating him we give him power and we focus too much of our energy on it and it drains us of our creative ability. I don't like what he does, but instead I focus on being the best person I can be at every moment and focusing on the things that matter to me. May I continue to pass on as many blessings as possible.

All of IT is Happening Now

I am not sure what the hell I mean by this statement I just know it to be true. I can feel alot of things swirling around me and I've made peace with alot of things that used to make me more nervous and now I have a deep calm about. Truthfully part of mind is uncomfortable with how at peace I am with alot of things, but I am learning to accept this as well and just keep being. All of us have a natural disposition and mine has usually been to work too hard and make things much more challenging then they need to be. When I used to train hard I would usually cause myself physical injury by not giving myself enough rest and relaxation. Striving is a wonderful thing, but you also have to surrender a bit as well and I had a really hard time with surrendering.

Age and experience has taught me this lesson time and time again and that the universe has its own time schedule and to fully enjoy and immerse myself in the moment that I am in right now. I might not be granted another one and appreciate the peace that I am having right now. I am listening to the sounds of recording whales and dolphins as I write this to you. They really do make an amazing music and it stirs up a beautiful feeling of solitude. I imagine myself in the middle of the pacific ocean on a raft with Papa Neutrino. The ocean is truly amazing and we are part of that amazing ocean.

I am coming back to NYC and so much is up in the air and I am just going to feel my way thru carefully and slowly and listen to the guidance that I receive. We all end up exactly where we are supposed to be and the internal work that we do puts us on the right situation. These are the days of miracles is a thought that keeps bouncing around in my head. What if .............? I keep thinking what it is that might be in store for me and the world I live in. I feel a quiet right now before the storm and when the storm hits I will be still be internally feeling the same quiet. COuld it be an earthquake, a miracle, another war, a terrorist attack,or all of the above. It could be everything and anything, but I feel something and I know that it is written on the wall. I just can't seem to get close enough to read it.

Everyone take care and I'll see you all soon.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

"Hot Sex Without Crystal, Hell Yeah!"

In case you are wondering what the heck this is about I found a giant advertisement in the Castro district of San Fran. I was laughing hysterically, but it also made my mind think how bad is the crystal Meth problem? It must be one of the hugest epedemics since crack hit the scene, but maybe worse. Imagine driving thru the suburbs or anywhere and seeing a billboard that reads "Hot sex without Cocaine, Hell Yeah", or "Hot Sex Without Viagra, Hell Yeah". We could discuss what this means for a long time, but suffice to say I figure some of you would get a laugh from the ad at the very least. At first I thought the ad was talking about crystals, but I soon realized they meant crystal Meth. Still someone somewhere must have thought the same thing.

In other news I love San Fran and I would like to mention an Oscar Wilde quote "Its and odd thing they say but everyone who disappears is said to be seen in San Francisco". I have become one of those people. In other news yesterday was the celebration of the first man launched into Space and I celebrated it the only way possible other then going into space myself I did the next best thing. I went to a NASA rave party outside of Santa Cruz. I fell asleep in some pillows and my buddy Jordan could not find me, but I found a giant bus and hopped a ride back. I will be back in NYC April 18th for 8 days.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Missing the Bigger Picture

I always find that most of the time we are missing the bigger picture and thinking that we have figured out the bigger picture. Once we truly realize the bigger picture there is no more drama in our lives period. We have a greater understanding of the small role we play in life and there many other things going on that we are not aware of it. There are always many unseen forces at work in any give situation. Things that seem wonderful or that seem awful are viewed differently once more information is received.

Even though I have brought more of my focus onto God/Love I still realize that my mind remains distracted on issues and events that don't actually feed my soul. I am letting go of these things , but all of this is an on going process and there are so many unseen forces and sometimes we can sense them , but most of the time we are oblivious. I do believe there is an inherent order in the universe and that are basic understanding of natural laws is not completely true. Quantum physics seems to be offering a scientific understanding that we may be missing something in our understanding of the world around us.

I look forward in the near future to have my brain waves measured while I am doing healing work and for the results upon the person I am working upon to also be measured. Our machines don't measure everything, but I feel confident that they measure enough to show that more study into this sort of thing is well merited. John of God is a great example of someone that science should be studying. Yet, many of them shun him or fear him and his work. Most scientists are missing the bigger picture. All of this is coming to a huge turning point because the fate of our species will reside in our ability to better understand ourselves and the imbalance inside of us plays out on our planet.

I am keeping greater focus on God/love throughout the day and if we all do that then we will be able to find more balance in our lives. In finding this balance we will be able to see the world around us more clearly. Each one of us should strive to better understand ourselves and that will help us to see the world more clearly and get closer to seeing the bigger picture of life.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ghandi Fasted

Now that I am on day three I have been feeling some fascinating feelings running thru me and I realize how much I eat that my body is still try to catch up to and process. Your body has at least 3 days of back-up that it hasn't worked out of your system and some cases more. I was fairly amazed at this simple revelation. If I can break my attachment to food I will be in a higher state of bliss. I am always thinking about food and at times my appetite feels a bit like a bottomless pit. I always get nervous when people want to share food with me because I am inclined to eat all of it if I don't pay careful attention.

There is nothing wrong with a healthy appetite, but I found that I would use food as a distraction. Something to do when I did not know what else to do. Food can actually be quite a drug. American in particular has quite an odd relationship with food. In 3rd world countries nobody has eating disorders and trying to explain Bulimia is like trying to explain the idea of peace and mediation to the current white house regime.

All of the things in our life connect even though we can't see those connections. Beyond all these thoughts the idea of Ghandi Fasting to bring about peace somehow started to make alot more sense to me. I never fully understood the power of fasting. I do consume lemons, maple syrup and cayenne pepper which is pretty well known amongst people that do this sort of stuff. My goal is 5 days which would be good starting point. We live off more then just food and doing this brief fast has helped me to see that simple and wonderful fact thru my own personal experience. There is a power of mind and spirit that is realized when we start to break our attachment to food. As I kid I thought the idea of 24 hours was unbearable and there were moments on the first day where I got a little cranky and now I am starting to hit a groove. Cleanse the body, mind and soul.

Did I tell you guys that miss all of you and I want to have you all in the same place at one time or just discover how to become full omnipresent.

The Celibacy thing hit a minor bump

Okay I fell harder then Bill Clinton hanging out at the Miss America after party. I had actually been celibate for about 9 months and the moment I realized it and made it my focus I fell off, but I rather enjoyed the fall so to speak and she was really sweet. I met her in park. I feel like that seems to happen to me alot meeting women in parks. Maybe I should stay out of parks and then I won't falter anymore. On the bright side I am on my 3rd day of not eating and I am actually feeling really good. No food and great sex sounds like the new hot diet sweeping the nation.

I still want to have a girlfriend and settle into a bit more of a routine. I am coming back to NYC April 18th and will be Union Square Park in the early afternoon for anyone that wants to know. I also want to thank all the people out there who are helping people to overcome cancer thru diet, herbs, and energy work. I am still in San Francisco and really happy to be here. Just so you know the presidential campaign will be picking up quite soon. There are changes ahead my friends and we just have to keep following our bliss and occasionally enjoying our stumbles and fumbles. But the stumbles and fumbles make life great as long as we don't try to pretend they didn't happen. Lets just be honest without trying to be vicious. Honesty with sincere kindness.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

When People Remind Us of Other PEople and Celibacy

This is a really interesting part of life that encourages people to project tremendous amounts of emotions and feelings on someone that they just met. Somehow this person is going to replace this other person that they remind you of. Maybe the other passed away or maybe you don't talk to them anymore, but this person came along and they totally remind you of your former love, friend, brother, sister, etc....

So many of our feelings are caused by the association we have with something and have very little to do with who this person is in your life. Last night I had an intensive conversation with a girl about how I didn't want to have sex unless I was in love and she told me that she has hard time having sex when emotions are involved. We found ourselves in a bit of a standstill. I figured that this whole "No Sex" made me intriguing and quite odd. I am sure that "no sex" could actually become a more ambitious guys way of getting laid. Fortunately or unfortunately I actually mean or at least in this present moment. I can honestly say I want a girlfriend it has been 4 years and I am reaching a point of not ever wanting my sex to be detached from emotions.

Emotions are actually my favorite part of sex and maybe I am an emotional junkie, but if they can't bring me to tears with their heart then I don't want it. Thru my mediation I have become more sensitive and of course I still yearn for sex at times, but I yearn for a different type of sex. Last night was an interesting reminder of that fact. On some funny level I found that my being unavailable to a girl who was emotionally not connected to her feelings greatly increased her interest in me.

Of course there is part of me that thinks I am merely insane and that I should push away this whole crazy idea of only having sex when I am in love. It says "Maybe you want fall in love"or "Maybe you won't fall in love with someone who loves you back". This of course might cause fear and then cause a person to settle. I have my goal and I am not settling and to increase my will power I have recently started a 5 day fast. It is a fast on many levels and it will help to stay more focused and be less distracted.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sex with Pirates

I once had a really good friend of mine and she was very proud that the boy she was seeing called himself a pirate. She had such excitement in her voice about this fact. It did not last too long and in then end he slept with her cousin and spent her money on drugs. She was upset and I kept thinking he did exactly what I would expect a pirate to do. We love people for our certain reasons and then we end up resenting them for those same reasons.

Often I tell people don't get upset with your dog because it is not a cat or your cat because it is not a dog. All of us are perfect in our ways and we all play our own roles in this drama called life. Some of us are aware of our roles to some extent while other people don't have much of any awareness of what role they play. These days I have started to surrender more and more I become less upset by most things after coming back from India. It takes a place or a moment sometime to put things into pespective and India has given me that gift and I am utilizing quite strongly since I got back.

Friday, April 06, 2007

San Fran is My Mistress

Of course I miss NYC but San Fran is a mistress that is just so enticing these days and 40 degrees doesn't excite me all that much. When your hot your hot and right now NYC is not quite so hot or even luke warm. It seems a late spring and probably a Indian Summer or maybe an India summer and temperatures will feel like 115 degrees on a couple of days. It will be a brutal heat index. Groundhog Phil move over because crazy nomad Te'DeVan is making weather predictions.

I also have desire to start drinking women's breast milk. I desire that the woman have a vegan organic diet and I am willing to pay $5 for 4 ounces. I am so over the cow thing after my time in India. I want real women's breast milk and she is still vegan if she drinks her own breast milk or anyone else's breast milk for that matter. A Dharma Pad shall be made soon. I am planning on heading to Coachella and staying out west until the end of April.

In other news today was my first day walking around with my sign and it felt great. God how I missed carrying around my sign. Dependable and durable this might be the greatest sign I have ever had. Have fun today and break some rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

You Wanna Know about India Look Into My Eyes

I have quite a few friends that want me to tell them what India was like? I simply can't do it justice but India is certainly in my eyes. When I look in the mirror I can see that they are more Indian. This might sound crazy to some, but certainly not the most radical statement that I have ever made. The cultural shock and weather change have been minimal. I feel that I have alot of work to do and I am more focused on God and trusting. I can expect other people trust more if I won't do the same. I missed all of you guys and now most of us or only at most a mere 3,000 miles apart. We are basically right next door if you are on the east coast. My perspectives were greatly shifted on quite a few things and I just am more focused on making the highest choice that I can make in any given moment.

I am not the same man that left a year and half ago (month and half on linear time). I saw so many things and I am still taking it all in, but the Guru rules India. Whether false or real it is still the Guru who rules rather then the dollar. India is the land of heart and even the con men will have alot of heart or no heart. People in India are one extreme or another nobody seems to be sitting on the fence. I am waking up more to my higher calling and letting Ganesha to take care of the rest. I am making choices faster with less hesitation. I am waking up to life in a land that is reawakening as well. There is a middle path between East and West and it will be found and we will both be victorious as a result. This is a year to bring people together despite differences. I have come to understand more how we are the same. All of us searching for something that feels right something that feels good something that feels good in our heart.

Sending all my love to the people I met in India and look forward to seeing all of my friends spread out throughout the country. In the silence when looking into my eyes you will learn more about India then any of the words I write in my blog.
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