Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Celibacy thing hit a minor bump

Okay I fell harder then Bill Clinton hanging out at the Miss America after party. I had actually been celibate for about 9 months and the moment I realized it and made it my focus I fell off, but I rather enjoyed the fall so to speak and she was really sweet. I met her in park. I feel like that seems to happen to me alot meeting women in parks. Maybe I should stay out of parks and then I won't falter anymore. On the bright side I am on my 3rd day of not eating and I am actually feeling really good. No food and great sex sounds like the new hot diet sweeping the nation.

I still want to have a girlfriend and settle into a bit more of a routine. I am coming back to NYC April 18th and will be Union Square Park in the early afternoon for anyone that wants to know. I also want to thank all the people out there who are helping people to overcome cancer thru diet, herbs, and energy work. I am still in San Francisco and really happy to be here. Just so you know the presidential campaign will be picking up quite soon. There are changes ahead my friends and we just have to keep following our bliss and occasionally enjoying our stumbles and fumbles. But the stumbles and fumbles make life great as long as we don't try to pretend they didn't happen. Lets just be honest without trying to be vicious. Honesty with sincere kindness.

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Anonymous said...

if you cannot control sex impulse than be faithful to 1 wife.

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