Friday, April 06, 2007

San Fran is My Mistress

Of course I miss NYC but San Fran is a mistress that is just so enticing these days and 40 degrees doesn't excite me all that much. When your hot your hot and right now NYC is not quite so hot or even luke warm. It seems a late spring and probably a Indian Summer or maybe an India summer and temperatures will feel like 115 degrees on a couple of days. It will be a brutal heat index. Groundhog Phil move over because crazy nomad Te'DeVan is making weather predictions.

I also have desire to start drinking women's breast milk. I desire that the woman have a vegan organic diet and I am willing to pay $5 for 4 ounces. I am so over the cow thing after my time in India. I want real women's breast milk and she is still vegan if she drinks her own breast milk or anyone else's breast milk for that matter. A Dharma Pad shall be made soon. I am planning on heading to Coachella and staying out west until the end of April.

In other news today was my first day walking around with my sign and it felt great. God how I missed carrying around my sign. Dependable and durable this might be the greatest sign I have ever had. Have fun today and break some rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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