Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sex with Pirates

I once had a really good friend of mine and she was very proud that the boy she was seeing called himself a pirate. She had such excitement in her voice about this fact. It did not last too long and in then end he slept with her cousin and spent her money on drugs. She was upset and I kept thinking he did exactly what I would expect a pirate to do. We love people for our certain reasons and then we end up resenting them for those same reasons.

Often I tell people don't get upset with your dog because it is not a cat or your cat because it is not a dog. All of us are perfect in our ways and we all play our own roles in this drama called life. Some of us are aware of our roles to some extent while other people don't have much of any awareness of what role they play. These days I have started to surrender more and more I become less upset by most things after coming back from India. It takes a place or a moment sometime to put things into pespective and India has given me that gift and I am utilizing quite strongly since I got back.

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dkayay said...

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