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The Coolest Hipster Ever

The Video That Started It All



That Kid in Kansas

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Dr John Bender said...

You are my hero, Te'DeVan.

That Kid in Kansas

Anonymous said...

dr. john bender, this is former anonymous. i have decided to leave posts with my real name due to your request.

what do you believe in?


I am not a big blogger, so I haven't signed up for a google blogger account but I would be happy to answer any questions you have about me.

Anonymous said...

as far as credentials go I have none. I believe in divine selection and survival of the unfit. I am a diseased in mine own sin, and thus I know I need the physician Jesus Christ to make me fit for the Kingdom of God.

if you interested I am an independent door to door and streets salesmen. I sell King James Version Gospel of Johns, New Testaments and whole Bibles for $1, $5 and $10. I do this as a form of ministry and as a living. my profit is being saved for a trip to Israel and India this coming Autumn.

Before I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Lord, I was a practicing Hindu intitiated into Kriya Yoga under the Guidance of Durga Chunduri-a disciple of Paramahamsa Hariharananda in the lineage of Mahavatar Babaji. also spent time living in hindu temples/ashrams.

The Lord Jesus Christ is My Lord in everything I do now-Physical and Spiritual. I see the light and struggle to champion its will even though I sin and am tempted like every other human being. Jesus was tempted, but since he was God he had all power and perfection.

Your mental speculation about me would have lost you money, but I am 21 years old, which I do consider young but far from adolescence. To compare me with the virginia tech student based on the fact that I have posted many bible verses makes no sense to me, ignorant assumption.

Now let me take a guess at your character. Lets see-in your 20's-base your life decisions on your bodily desires, sometimes have interesting observations about society that you think are deep and unique but are really obvious and shallow(i say this due to your shallow judgement of myself), you do a lot of bloggin online, but have few real close friends like brothers and sisters(maybe you are prideful), you might get your shot at intamacy only in the form of sex(but probably don't have a steady girlfriend) and spiritually don't know the Truth but yearning for something new and radical(i say this due to your love of Te'DeVan who is quite radical). Anything sound close? let me know.\



Dr John Bender said...


For one, you don't have to be anonymous. That is what that "other" tab is for below the word verification. Go ahead, try it... it feels good!

For two, I believe in the pursuit of happiness. Evolution mandates survival and replication. We developed emotions to reinforce this mandate, which is why pleasure is so life-affirming and pain, a reminder of our mortality. Once we developed a more sophisticated way to perceive the world (also known as language), things got complicated, an the elite developed religion as a means of social control for the now inquisitive numerical majority. Humankind has reached a level of sophistication where I believe the usefulness of this model is obselete, ergo, religion is obselete as well. However, religion doesn't want to let go as an apparatus of social control, which is why we have war, which in turn negates our evolutionary mandate. So as you may guess, I am a spiritually a skeptic and institutionally desire an end to all religion, everywhere.

For three, I am actually 33 years old and in a committed relationship with a woman I am deeply, emotionally invested in. I have many very close friendships, including one with Mr. Kurzweil, who's work I admire greatly. In regards for my "views of society being shallow"... they are what they are. If you don't find value in them, so be it. I can't pretend that I find anything useful in you cutting and pasting scripture onto somebody's blog. You may also want to ask yourself whether or not you are achieving your own personal objectives by doing so. Perhaps you have a better way of investing your time...?

Dr John Bender

Sonny said...

God is our creator. The Bible is his Word. Jesus Christ is Lord. Religion is loving our Creator and Lord, and being vessels of his Holy Spirit's Love for all humanity evolving towards humility and service in equality. Practically speaking Jesus is God in the flesh-the only incarnation, and is our salvation from all human organized governments, religions, and institutionalized classes and divisions in society. The individual is what matters, we our all created in his image and have the right to freedom and reaping what we sow. The Bible is the Creators Truth given to Humanity as a Map towards Eternal Life. The Israelites do not need to worship idols or have rigid heirarchies like other religions because God is Spirit and revealed himself to Abraham. The Law came through Moses but Grace and Truth came through Jesus Christ. Proclaiming Truth is my mission, and it is never a waste of time. Open up and Read the Gospel of John when you have time without any prior speculation or judgement based on imcomplete knowledge. Read the Gospel of John listening to what it says without your human knowledge blocking the True Message. If you read as a scholar reads than you will hear the message as it is and than it is your choice to believe it. Pray to Jesus for forgiveness of sins, be reborn and saved.

sonny said...

are you really a doctor?

Dr John Bender said...

Not only am I not a doctor, my name really isn't John Bender either! What I am is a professional in the field of finance who spends considerable time on the fringes of our culture, documenting and theorizing. However because of many of the places I have been known to frequent (hanging out with religious zealots, bikers, aggressive homosexuals, etc.) aren't very congruent with my nine-to-five, having an alter-ego has proven to be useful to keep my source of funding intact.

I am glad that you figured out how to use the "other" tab and slightly less glad that you have a mission in life. I would probably be happier for you if your mission weren't so annoying.

Question: are you only interested in the salvation of others because they may need it in the afterlife, mere moments after you bore them to death?

On second thought... I retract the question.

Dr John Bender said...

PS. Sonny, I asked Te to remove your email address from the last post's comments section. There are very aggressive bots who dredge every ounce of Blogger to find email addresses to spam. Consider this "salvation" from being spammed.


Sonny said...

Human life is a life of sin and suffering. Jesus saves us from our sins in the past, gives us instruction and strength to overcome sin in the present and saves us from the future results of sin. "For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life." thus even in the midst of any material circumstance of suffering on this planet, The Lord is with us guiding us with his Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ is for All People of the planet-ALL People. Salvation is a way of life towards light. Sin is a way of death towards darkness. It is very simple. Jesus is Lord!

Dr John Bender said...


Spam it is, then.

sonny said...

Just read the Gospel brother!

Sonny said...

These videos are straight chillin Te'DeVan, i dig. I did not know you were a yogi? what kind of yoga?

So dr. john bender-you are the kid in kansas that is a real aspiring hipster underneath. thats cool, i am also inspired by Te'DeVan's lifestyle. I have experimented with the way of freedom and wandering a little bit, but never fully embraced it yet either!

I wish I knew more about Te'DeVan's Spiritual Side other than wire tap yogi(if only I knew what that meant I might understand)but I am not that clever.

I'll check out more on his sites.



Sonny said...

damn Te' I just read an old post about losing my religion. Christ's Salvation cannot be judged by people who call on his name but never do the work. The new testament is the perfection of evolution, his Yoke is for everybody. Belief without Works is Empty and people that just use Jesus as a license to sin and take no responsability to follow the straightedged path are hypocrites like the Scribes and Pharisees. We need more labourers like you in the Name of Jesus I pray. All religions have ideas that people inherently know about God, and if you deliver the Gospel to a sincere soul that seeks God, they will see Jesus as the Fullfillment and Truth of there own Religion. It is Freedom. When a thirsty soul finds Jesus, their weary journey through the myriads of religious/spiritual ideas/practices is over like being cut loose from viney entanglements in the desert and digging deep down to the roots where living water lay waiting to quench the soul's eternal thirst.

Sonny said...

one more thing Te'DeVan.

if you are a yogi you should know that according to the vedas and its many branches and fruits, that yoga is strictly a celebate practice of discipline. the senses are not to be gratified but brought in Pratyahara. if you seek nirvikalpa samadhi it requires strict celebacy and actually a guru to teach you the way. if you are a real yogi you probably already have been initiated by someone since you don't seem like a guy who would attend a watered down western yoga class.

Jesus Yoke is easy. You don't need to spend hours practicing spinal breathing and mudras but rather just be still and know God in every situation. The living presence of the True Light of all men which is Jesus Christ will draw you into an ever loving state of samadhi in waking life as savikalpa and when that faith is fully matured than nirvikalpa after intensive silent prayer and thanksgiving.

O What manner of Love the Father has bestowed upon us that we should be called the sons of God!

Sonny said...

19) I have said more then enough repugnant statements in my life, yet I still proclaim myself a Christian (a follower of Christ or at least the Christ of my liking).

i read this. Repentence is a must, this is good. now Rectify baby!follow christ, don't be luke warm, be hot or cold.

I love your Soul Brother-you are quite Renounced in many ways-now internalize that renunciation and recieve the Holy Ghost.

Confess Jesus with your lips, believe in your heart and be saved. Be baptized with water and be ready for Christ's baptism of Fire.
i am glad to know you are a Christian Te'DeVan, praise God. Keep meditating on his word in the Gospels and follow our Master's Orders perfectly.

May God Bless you with his Holy Presence I pray in the Name of Jesus our Lord.

If you get a chance, please offer up a Prayer to the Lord that I may also enter into the path of renunciation and become wise as a serpant and soft as a dove.

Adonai Elohim Yeshua Ben Yahweh


R.J. said...

So I saw you at UCLA the other day, and I must say I was a little scared at first (sorry, it's true). You had some amazing points and I hope you keep doin' what you're doin'...I got a picture with you, it's tight.

Anonymous said...

RJ don't appreciate the honesty I would scare me too at first. Keep on the journey.
President Te'DeVan

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