Sunday, April 23, 2006

New York Changes Faster Than a Woman's Mood

The city moves faster then any other place I have ever been to in my entire life. The amount of people that come in and out of your life is beyond bizarre. You will run into women that you have been, people you have worked with, former best friends, former enemies,in the oddest and least likely moments. But each time you see these people their roles will change as will your role. I never saw so many things coming in my NYC experience though I always had a sense that something was around the corner.

Sometimes I will think about these people a couple days before I see them or even a few seconds before we run into each other. In this city you really understand how all the wrold is a stage. People will completely change in ways you could never imagine in this city with such a rapidness that used to hate you and now they date you or vice versa. There is an energy and pulse to this city that is best found on the streets and in the parks. I find that I learn so much from this city by just wandering the streets and chilling in the parks. Of course on Rainy Days Barnes & Nobles, Borders, Whole Foods,coffee shops, museums, (which I rarely do)and numerous other options. This city has more options then any other place, but people will close themselves off to the options because they are overwhelmed by the options they already have. I just go wherever the flow pulls me and wherever my friends may bring me.

This is city made for the hedonist and the romantic and especially the romantic hedonist. It is also made for those on a spiritual quest because it is one of the best places to be tempted and to been given opportunities to easily do anything or nothing at all. I find myself in a new part of this city or one of the burroughs all the time. Constantly people here are on the verge of breaking thru and there is such an excitment around it and people can smell it on other people as if it is a cologne. And at the same time there are a bunch of people who are on the verge of self destructing and others on the verge of reconstructing and some who are feeling all three.

If you have never been to NYC don't go to times square to understand this place. Times Square is a weird parallel universe that New Yorkers only go to because their friends from out of town insist or their is a broadway show. That being said I will still end up wandering up there on occassion. Times Square changes faster then almost any other part of NYC. Times Square is some weird portal for tourists to keep them occupied so that they will not annoy the regular New Yorkers. New York also has so many countries within it and is so dense with everything that you can imagine. When the city loves you the high is amazingly euphoric, and when it does not love you it can be so harsh like a scorned lover. To me New York is always a woman and is a woman I always come back to even if I see many other women in many other places. I love this woman for all of ever changing ways and all the surprises that she has for me. She always keeps me guessing and always has new things unfolding just when I think I have had all the mind blowing syncronisities that I could have in one hour she piles on some more.

I was born here, but never felt the pull of it until I graduated college. It was a birthplace I had never really known calling me back to know the place of my birth. There are reasons I was born here, but kept away from it at the same time. I have embraced the fast changes of this city and I have become one with this place interlaced deeply in the fabric of this place even when I am away.


alli said...

the way you put that is beautiful and so true.

The More Loving One said...

hidden in her streets are all the secrets she always have some concrete to fall back on...and someone to speak to along the way.

i love lady nyc. she's always been beautiful to me...

Reverend Steve said...

You'll have to show me around the joint. Do you mind two sexually ambigious Michiganders shacking up with you in Central Park for awhile this summer?

Alex Nathanson said...

Hey, are you still comming back to Jersey sometime soon?

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