Saturday, April 08, 2006

Everywhere You Go There is Someone You Know

I must say if there is anything that makes it easier for me to travel around the country and a little bit overseas is that I always run into someone I know or someone who recognizes me from another place. This makes it alot easier to do what I do.

When you are stranger people sometimes act strange and even may stare at you suspciously until they see you enough that you become familiar. One of the funniest things is sometimes in one city somebody will never talk to me, yet in a different city we will end up talking for hours. All of sudden in a new city I become the only normal thing. Knowing people also helps you to feel like the world is not so large that it can't be navigated, but it takes time to get to this point, but it is much quicker then you think as long as you keep yourself in the moment. Sometimes people have heard about me and this reference point makes it a bit easier to establish contact.

I love to see how people are connected to each other and how people you know from 2 different countries 5 years ago end up dating each other briefly in San Diego (My Friend Laura from Michigan and Darren from Barcelona). One of the fascinating things to me is how we can go between so many differnt worlds with the characters and the stages change, but the flow of life remains the same.

Of course there are times when no one has even heard about me, but often, they have a vibe about them that reminds me of a friend or I have a vibe about me that reminds them of one of their friends. When allow ourselves to trust this instinct and follow it thru we will feel a very rewarding sense of connection and usually end up making a new friend who seems like an old one.

We all have a road to travel and adventures to be had and I promise wherever you go if you remain open there will be someone you know. Whether you actually know them or just have a vague idea of them there is always a possibility for a profound connection to be made as long as you remain open even if they intially give you a hard time remain open and they will eventually do the same as well.

We all friends, family, and doppleganglers that have yet to be met. We just merely need to extend ourselves and allow our intution to guide us and then we shall see that everywhere we go there will be someone we know.

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Chris Young said...

and now you travel within the blogosphere as well. i hope you find many connections here. my friend Eric is keyed into the blogosphere culture if you ever want a lecture on the dynamics of the networks and matrices (he'll use all kinds of big words like that).
haven't updated my own blog for a long time but i can feel a new entry coming soon.
i enjoyed the videos on youtube. excellent my friend, excellent. i look forward to crossing paths with you again in whatever dimension we may find each other.

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