Saturday, April 01, 2006

Life Is Truly A Numbers Game

Every so Often I have had some guy tell me that he has seen me with alot of attractive women (and yes there is actually some truth to this statement), but if you met as many women as I do then you would also be seen with alot of attractive women. I have a great deal more free time then most people and I also have much less social phobia then the average person therefore I meet an insane amount of people and about half the population is women.Therefore, if you meet enough women some of them are bound to be attractive. It is simply a numbers game, my friends.

People tell me that I am a pseudo-celebrity. This is not because of a public relations company or massive television exposure (three shows don't really count as massive) this is because I have met alot of people and walked by even more people with my giant signs "6 foot 7 inch jew will freestyle rap for you" and "Get Healed Now Stress, Physical, and emotional pain ch'i-gong spiritual healings". If you did this you would also be some weird sort of pseudo-celebirty. I also have alot of free time because I do not have a traditional job and this is what I love to do with my free time. This is based on the mileage that I walk and hands that I shake and people that I bow to. People this is simply a numbers game as well.

People believe in my healing gift because I have most likely done a healing session on them or their friend. I have done over 15,000 healings in the last 4 and half years. If you were a healer and did that many healings people would know about your healing gift as well. Folks it is a simply numbers game as I stated earlier. The reason why I am telling you this is to encourage to keeping doing whatever is you love doing as often as possible and eventually you too will become quite well known for it. The more attempts you have the more you will be successful. If you think that most men or women do not find you desirable. Say your batting average is 1 out of a 100 then make sure you approach a hundred people or two hundred people for that matter. Approach 10,000 people and you could end up going out with a 100 people a year. That means approaching 30 people a day (I actually probably talk to at least 3 or 4 times that amount in one Manhattan day), which is much easier then you realize if really want to do it. As long as you want you keep attempting and you are very likely to get it. Keep flipping a coin enough times you are bound to see it land on tails quite often. In life there are usually many more sides to the coin, but all that means is that you should flip it more often.

In conclusion we know that everything is made up of numbers but we have an ability to forget this fact and think that if we try 3 times that we expect to get it perfect in those three attempts. The more attempts you try the better your numbers will be. In life nobody cares about your batting average they are only interested in your hits and homeruns. So keep playing those numbers my friends and watch your notoriety and overall success expand exponentially.
Be completely relentless in the amount of attempts and you will be amazed in the amount of successes. You remember your successes much more then your failures. Or at least I do when I tell people stories though certain failures can be pretty funny and just as enjoyable. Humiliation is good for the soul so don't be so mortified about getting shot down just keep playing the numbers game and watch it pay dividens

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Reverend Steve said...

True enough. My hermit phases (which are often these days) are about the only time I am lacking in the sex life.

However, don't discredit your own lack of inhibition, which is a huge asset. As one with a complete lack of inhibition myself, I have found that constantly opening yourself to whatever may come your way is even a better way to play the numbers game.

Many people have to drink, an activity which is usually reserved for weekend nights, to reach this state to a greater or lesser degree (basically 10 hours per week). While you don't drink, you definetly open yourself and others during all of your waking hours (100+ hours per week). Here is where the numbers game really pays off; getting the most out of all of your waking hours.

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