Friday, April 21, 2006

Everything Is Just Drifting

A couple of days ago it really occurred to me that everything around me had no real permance and that everything was not really what it seemed. I know that every guru, master or wiseman has said this, but it really hit me and actually made me slightly uncomfortable for a moment. Then I froze and allowed myself to be taken into the present moment and realize that nobody ever leaves your life. Their energetic imprint will always be there and you will be able to feel them no matter how far away they may be. It is truly one moment a mere blink of an eye and despite moments that never seem to end that are filled with an undescribable pain it fades so fast. All of this fades fast and that is why it is so important to appreciate it for what it is and to know that nothing will be as it was, only as it is. Accepting this simple fact makes life wonderful. Fighting this simple fact can make life torturous. You have to decide that you want to be at peace with yourself and everything that happens around you.

We know this to be a good way to live, but the mind will fight us on this every step of the way. Take the time and focus on improving your life and stop complaining about other people's lives. Life is something that is lived thru us and it is to be experienced not being spent on focusing on a day that may never come. We all come to this conclusion eventually. I have realized it early on and I want to positively touch as many people as possible as I drift from place to place yet still see the same face of the human race and feeling the undescriable grace that we all possess even if we neglect.

I constantly wake up in a new bed, new floor, new couch, new city, new state, new country and things are completely different around me yet none of this matters because I have a trust. I have trust that is overwhelming to most people and is something that people can see when they look at me and I see the same thing when I look at them. Where you will be now and where you will be 3 years from now after reading this and what it will mean to you at different times.

Different times we see things that previously never existed, but it was always there or maybe the timing was off people constantly feel that they were born 30, 70, or even a couple hundred years too late. We try to relive things that are already living and that never actually go away. Jazz, Jeans, and Jesus things that are somewhat timeless to me, but I am always told they are going in or out of style. We immerse ourself in one thing only to return to the things we loved as 5 year olds when we desired to be grown-ups only to realize that when you reach adulthood you lose touch with magic and all of the things that would make being an adult fun. And yet still we drift from different life fazes and social crazes and rat mazes and to some it is big haze and to others it is clear as the sun breaking at day.

I Cock a doodle doo with the best of them and kiss the night spirits of new and old times meshed in the time of now. I have come around to only return to where I started and now I truly know that despite my drifting I never parted. Somewhere I am still in foreign countries, in college as a freshmen, in highschool being akward, on a beach making love, out the street freestyle rapping, listening to amazing street musicians in the subway, wandering around the desert. All of this drifts into one never ending drift that has always been and will always be everything and nothing. Those with nothing give you everything, those with everything will give you nothing and all of this makes me think about something. And that "thing" is drifting and look forward to continue seeing all of you drifting on down the stream.

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