Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bare Your Soul Or Your Just A Machine

More in more I make love to women through the eyes. I am more interesting in just starring into the eyes for long periods of time and just losing any sense of myself. It gives me such an incredible high such a feeling of relief to melt away my mind and open stir dormant feelings into awakening and at other moments I just feel a deep peace. It is a passion where I don't feel any need to move or talk or to even kiss the girl. Merely to be in her presence and take in her being through the window to the soul. I find myself having almost no desire to make idle chit chat with people I just want that intnese silence that can only be experienced in the eyes. I fall in love with a womans's eyes first which is her true timeless being. I met a girl recently at Herbivore and then we went to Ritual and we just stared at each other for hours. We both cryed and at one point she broke out into hysterical laughter. At another point she asked me my name again. I felt that it didn't matter and that she was merely asking me to avoid the silence, but the truest exchange took place in that silence. Her art work on her body was intriguing but none of it compared to the artwork in her eyes. That is where I felt grace and rapture and all sorts of things that make us part of God. Nothing else mattered to me and if I never see her again both of us bared our souls to each other as we were guided towards each other by a whole series of choices that we had made. For that moment I have incredible gratitude. If we are given 4 hours we want 4 days and then 4 weeks. May we instead be thankful for the moment we had and create the space for the next one to come whenever God decides that it is time for the next moment.


dr john bender said...

You have pretty eyes.

Anonymous said...

your so sweet. Ah campaign sweet talk I love it.

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