Sunday, February 17, 2008

Places I Remember Such As Chicago

I maybe in San Francisco, but Chicago keeps coming up for me. I can't seem to walk out the door without meeting someone from Chicago who recently moved here or is visiting from the other windy city from the midwest. I know that I will roll through there at same point as I can feel other places nipping at my heels. I am allowing my past and my belongings to disappear from where they came from. On March 3rd I head to Miami and from there I don't have much of a clue where things will lead me. Yet, Chicago in this case is a place but a metaphor for all those people and places that we can feel from time to time tugging on us for a point in the future. I am Here in this place called San Francisco, but the place means nothing if our state of mind is not in a clearer place. We all keep striving and we will all make it to where we need to be at the appropiate time, yet first the stage needs to be set and for the time being we need to merely enjoy our current moment and embrace all the wonder that exists in front of us and perecieve life as a new born.


Anonymous said...

Hey Te' You Should Come Here To Chicago Sometime but not in the Winter! Chicago is a Great City. I Actually Live in the Burbs about an hour Train Ride to the Chi-Town. Yo Bro I hope I see you Sometime here in the Chi, maybe in the Spring or Summer.

sonny said...

o that was me by the way


Anonymous said...

Chicago keeps popping up on my radar so much that is quite funny at this point. I will certainly take the advice at some point.

sonny said...

Awesome Bro~!

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