Thursday, February 21, 2008

WHo really Needs A title

The biggest thing that I have been focusing on recently is breaking habits allowing myself to go about things in a new way and with a new perspective. I was watching a chi-gong master on PBS documentary series and he was saying that being open to new types of growth and to always be changing and innovating. Once we get comfortable with something there is a resistance from the mind to go about things in a different way. I am striving more then ever to remain present and to keep tinkering with everything in my life especially my healing so I can go beyond what I have previously done. Not all habits we have are clearly destructive some seem harmless enough such as eating when feeling bored or anxious. Yet, instead of doing that we could be doing numerous other things that we allow us to grow beyond our present situation. We must continue to allow ourselves to be open to this present moment and experience it fully without trying to escape our feelings in this moment. More frequently then ever I find that when I make my mind quiet and blankly stare into someone's eyes a great sequence of different emotions will come forward. In presence is greatness, but that comes as we allow ourselves to take new steps towards expanding our understaanding.

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