Monday, August 20, 2007

A funny Society

More and more frequently I find myself viewing western society as an outsider. Recently for any football fans Michael Vick a professional quarterback in the NFL has been facing charges involving dog fighting and though I don't approve of his actions I think it humorous that such a meat eating society loves their dogs and cats but will kill their Cows, pigs, deer, chicken, minks, rabbits, and horses but somehow dog fighting is inhumane, but people still kill animals merely for their fur. Henry Kissinger has still never been charged for war crimes at any point. In fact he still has a great deal of involvement in foreign policy, but Michael Vick is the worse villian of all time. He is being made an example of because we love our pets and hate most other animals. In the west if you are a dog or cat you are very lucky, but if you are anything else such as a cow you should have chose to be born in India.

I have been remembering the feelings of being a stranger in a strange land while I was traveling thru India. I remember how valuable every human interaction seemed and how emoptional my connections instantly became. Some people go to India to continue their escape while others go to open parts of themselves that have been closed off for so long. I am traveler even when I am staying in city for extended period of time. I will always be a nomad and everyone in a greater sense is a nomad of sorts no matter how much they pretend otherwise. All of this world is fleeting and though we understand this we still get caught up in things that mean nothing because we imitate the other people around us. Hey I love you and I am merely telling you because not telling you is much more unacceptable. I don't always allow myself to express love because I would rather play it cool. Playing it cool never made me happy it usually just made me insincere or nervous.

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