Friday, August 10, 2007

Rfight Around the corner

As soon as you turn that corner anywhere in the world you never know whose world your going to collide with and how someone that you thought was out of the picture is coming back whether you are ready for it or not. John of God comes to upstate New York on October 1st and will be there for at least 4 days. This man will manifesting miracles of a intense physical magnitude. I am finding that this moment of now with rain outside as I sit in my buddy Jay's apartment in Brooklyn is the only moment that I can be present in right now. We are finding a deeper bliss and the ego slowly slips away because it never really existed and therefore can't ever have a hold on me. We are at at point and perhaps we have always been at a point. Every time period serves some sort of purpose.

Let the rain come and perhaps San Fran and Portland are paging and the flow always knows which way to go. If we could all stop and kiss and embrace a tree all of us would be free. We can all be once we set our minds free. I truly love Amma that beautiful hugging saint how she paints new colors onto your eyes of perception.

I know of politics but I know more of people and all of us are watching a world that can not continue to sustain itself if it keeps going in its current direction. Smile at someone today and do something that will just floor someone whether it be someone you love or a perfect stranger. Keep giving and the planet will keep living in a way that keep us all in a habitat that is communion with its natural environment, I just want to keep remembering that love inside of me and never be distracted from the greatest spiritual gift which is the inward knowing of love. There has to be a word such as hogkeytha which somehow says all that I could ever want to say even though i just want to feel the deepest silence in my being.

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