Friday, August 10, 2007

I'll never be anything other then what I am

Pretty simple statement. Elton John's gift is his song and my gift is my healing and it is also quite simple. I have been on a wild roller coaster and part of that is my karma and part of that is my addiction to having the pot stirred and some of it is because I still don't want to let go because I am want to hold onto things that are not true. I want to hold on to things that are comfortable even if they hold me back. Eventually they will not longer serve me and they never served me but I felt that I needed them.

I have a flurry of thoughts going on these days but the biggest is the massive change the world is going thru. I sometimes wonder how the heck reads this blog according to my the ticker you the reader are truly spread all over the world. We all keep evolving, but still we care more about what people think then we actually care about people. I hope to see that change in this lifetime. Our identities are so fragile because they are based on something that never existed. We all need a rebirth someone to come along and challenge everything that we have based our lives on. They do in a way that is both intense and gentle. We all surrender to something beyond what we understand when we are ready to take that leap. Some of us get pushed into that leap. I think someone or everyone helped to push me when I was looking but I was always blind man wandering around with large signs.

Can you read the sign and does it even matter. Can you feel that peace that brings down the walls. Write all over the walls. All over the walls all over the walls. Feel that earthquake in San Fran and know that we will all be okay. The new day is here now can you see it or are you still living in yesterday.

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