Friday, August 10, 2007

And then the Floods Came....

So I totally had an apartment with a bunch of people and we were going to do amazing things and then the rains came and then even a tornado came and Dorothy and Toto were no where to be found and sewage seeped in and the roommates decided we should all abandon loft. After 6 years of being a Nomad I signed a lease only to have it end just as it started. Perhaps Portland or San Fran are calling me or maybe I'll go back to the midwest and bring back the Naked Mile to Ann Arbor. Maybe I'll just live in a veggie oil bus with a whole bunch of people.

I have a week in which I have been having all sorts of connections back to Ann Arbor and even running into a guy named Ken who I met at internet cafe in Goa for about 15 minutes. One of my good buddies sold himself on ebay for almost $1000 which makes me think this might be a great way to raise money for the campaign. I will sell myself as a public servant to the American people to the highest bidder.

It will all be on the up and up and the money will go towards a fleet of vegetable oil buses and in which intriguing and humorous Americans will board so that we can rediscover our country. Consider it similar to the Lewis and Clark expedition even though I am sort of banned from their campus. Much love to the Jersey shore and anyone anywhere who is being true to their hearts desires. Being untrue to yourself will hurt so much more in the long run. Don't ever forget that. I love you all and see the writing on my sleeves.

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