Sunday, July 29, 2007

Musings of Now

here come the channel opening up as the rain stops. we have found that starlets and Avatars are not so different from one another. You are my sister and he is my brother and too many other people are merely viewed as others belonging to another. There is no separation and I have desire to talk less and merely be more and if this upsets you then that is how it must be. Loud sounds ringing out of my mouth like the Tibetan bowls that you hear at the monastery, but that monastery feeling is our true nature. That feeling of the church, temple, mosque, or holy place is the sacred land of silence where words no longer have to be spoken. We are flying to a whole new dimension that has always existed, but we are becoming more aware of and the logical people will have their logic turned inside out.

The Great Gatsby was sad and lonely and we have become a country of Great Gatsby's thinking a Rags to Riches story in material wealth has any greater meaning. To not be true to yourself is demeaning and our minds need cleaning. We must do away with the things that no longer serve us and we must allow new people and places to enter into our life. Go west young man/woman. The unease is merely a tease or a prelude to the virtuoso of the mocking all that is held so sacred in a world of people that talk one way and end up living another. I have committed this sin before and it takes me away from the fullness of grace that is always offered if I would merely allow myself to receive, but we can not receive love when we try to deceive love.

Now all of us must allow ourselves to perceive the love that never went away we always seem to put it off for another day. But that day is now here in the solitude of a cave until we are ready to engage with all that is and be the opening between this world and the unseen world which is much larger. Science will be a whole new world by the end of 2009. We are entering into age of change that can no longer be held at bay because it has always been the way and no longer shall falseness and ego sway.

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Anonymous said...

the ego sway's our intentions, our pure stream of thought, turning men into all that their not. in the middle of the game, frame by frame, name by name, we all disintegrate sooner or later just the same.don't miss a momen, because we're here for love, i just hope i'll be living in my body for long enough. to help all those who need my grasp, to listen to all the kids who had been picked last.


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